RC10L4O Team Kit

Battery trays provide approximately .150 in. (4mm) of battery movement to shift the weight of the cells forward for more steering, or backward for more rear traction. Just lift out, turn around, and put back in.

The L4 Oval chassis features a moveable 6-slot battery tray for shifting the weight of the batteries forward and backward in .15 in. increments, and from the extreme left to nearly center.

The suspension of the L4 Oval is handled by a .075 fiberglass symmetrical T-bar and dampened by three blue-anodized aluminum oil-fill shocks. A threaded-body VCS (Volume Compensating System) Macro Shock with a hard coated, wear-resistant Unobtainium shock shaft is used in the center, with two VCS Micro shocks used for side-to-side dampening.

The center shock is the VCS Macro Shock, a lightweight shock with Team Associated's exclusive Volume Compensating System for the smoothest possible, most consistent dampening. A full assortment of different springs are available for both the VCS Micro and Macro Shocks for greater tuning options.

The rear pod of the L4 Oval now comes standard set at the full offset position, and the rear axle/differential assembly consists of all-new IRS parts. The graphite Pro rear axle features a locking D-ring differential -- no pinning needed. The right diff hub and the double-clamp left hub are also blue anodized IRS components.

Team Associated's new featherweight (approx. 1/5 oz.), high-density foam bumper (not shown) protects and supports the front of your oval car's body, and provides excellent chassis protection from the high-speed impacts of oval racing. It comes with the body post holes already in place. The L4 Oval's bumper is a completely new design.

At the front of the L4 Oval, Team Associated's race-proven Dynamic Strut front suspension has been augmented for oval racing with IRS's adjustable aluminum front arm mounts, which provide 6-position mounting of the upper (camber) arms to fine-tune the L4 Oval's roll center, increasing or decreasing sensitivity to steering input. Factory Blue titanium turnbuckles are also included for their high strength and low weight.

This kit information is incomplete. Not listed: extra items needed to make the vehicle operational.