RC12LW Kit

From the 1991 manual:
You now have the best 1/12 scale car in the world! The RC 12LW has followed along in the winning tradition of all Team Associated 1/12 race cars. Starting with th eoriginal RC 12E, which won numerous National Championships, Associated then designed the RC12i, which won the very firs 1/12 IFMAR World Championships in Anaheim, California, and then again won the next World Championships in Denmark. The RC12L followed in this winning tradition by taking 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th at the World Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada, including Top Qualifier honors.

The original design of the RC12L came from Gil Losi Jr. Gil built the first prototype cars and proved their racing ability. With Gil's participation, Associated further developed the car. The new RC12LW was basically named by our Team that raced the car at the IFMAR World Championships in Singapore. The racers called it the WORLD'S car, hence the official designation RC12LW or World's car for short. [The "L" stands for Losi.]