RC12R5 Factory Team

New Factory Team pivot ball-link chassis allows for independent adjustment for roll, bump, and alignment.

The pivot ball-link chassis has proven to be more durable in high speed impacts and better in bumpy track conditions.

2.5mm woven carbon fiber chassis.

Full ball bearings.

Ball differential.

New Factory Team shocks features a through-shaft design making for equal damping with no rebound in both directions.

Woven carbon fiber center shock tower allows for incremental adjustments of rear spring rate.
Foam front bumper helps protect body and chassis during impact.

Updated active strut front end features symmetric components with adjustable caster and track width, as well as a new front axle with wheel nut.

Servo mounts flat for a lower CG and includes Ackerman adjustment spacers.

Wide rear pod allows easy installation of brushless motors and features Factory Team blue aluminum machined motor mount and left bulkhead.

Factory Team T-plate chassis option is available.