RC12i Kit

From the 1982 manual:
1/12 scale electric R/C cars are one of the newest developments in the sport of model car racing, following in the footsteps of 1/8 scale gas powered cars. Electric cars offer the challenge and excitement of gas cars, together with the silence, cleanliness, and convenience inherent to electric power. Your RC12i is a descendant of the RC12E, the most successful and popular 1/12 race car ever produced. The 12i combines this heritage with the latest advances suspension, steering geometry, dampening, and weight reduction techniques. You are about to build one of the highest-performance 1:12 scale cars in the world.

From the 1990 1/12 catalog:
Moon Shock RC12i Kits
These kits include the #4210 fully independent front shock suspension. This car is unbeatable on a typical rough parking lot track. Kits contain new chassis with graphite stiffener, graphite diff axle and ride height adjuster.