RC18R Ready-to-Run

RC18R Ready-to-Run

Just like its cousins the 18T, 18B and 18MT, everything is included—the car, transmitter, motor, battery, and charger are all in the box at no extra cost. All you'll need to do is charge the included race pack, add eight double A batteries and you are racing!

The RC18R features spoked wheels, an inline-mounted "Super 370" high-performance motor, which is bolted to an aluminum motor mount with several mounting holes to fit most aftermarket 1:18 scale hop-up motors.

Magazine Reviews
The coolest part of the 18 comes when you and your buddies head out to a makeshift track and race them together. With the ability to transition from on-road to off-road at will, the 18R brings a whole new set of racing possibilities. It hugs the road, handles the dirt, and is, to say the least, incredibly fun to drive! --Xtreme RC Cars, April 2007

Just when you thought Team Associated couldn't produce any more micros, they come out with yet another excruciatingly fun to drive RTR kit. Though it may just be a revamped 18T, there's no denying that the car is still pretty freakin' cool. It has real suspension. Not just a couple of springs or a flexible chassis, no. The 18R's got real dampers with oil and pistons and all! We drove the car just about everywhere we could--around the office, in the parking lot, on a small patch of dirt, and what we learned is that the car is an absolute riot to putt around. --RC Car, June 2007


  • A high-capacity 1100mAh NiMH battery pack is included with the 18R, as well as a convenient charger.
  • Several painted bodies to choose from. All stickers have already been applied.
  • Includes Super 370 high-performance motor.
  • 27MHz AM receiver installed.
  • XPS Micro ESC.
  • High-capacity 1100mAh nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) battery pack.
  • The RC18R suspension absorbs all of the imperfections of the road with oil-filled shocks for smooth and consistent dampening.