RC500 Kit

From the RC500 instruction manual:

Congratulations! You have purchased one of the finest 1/8 scale R/C cars ever made. We believe it is the best 1/8 car in the world for a number of reasons. The RC 500 placed 1st and 2nd at the USA ROAR Nationals in the Can Am class, and in England the RC500 won both the Formula class and the Coupe class at the English Nationals.

The RC500 is not just another independent suspension car. If a tire can move up and down, independent of the chassis, then that classifies it as independent suspension. There are many 4 wheel independent suspension cars available. However, the RC500 was the first 4 wheel independent suspension 1/8 gas R/C car designed with the same basic suspension system as the real 1/1 scale Formula race cars. The RC500 was designed to handle like a real racing car, making it the first racing independent suspension car available.

The RC500 was basically designed by World Champion Phil Booth and world renowned designer/racer Dave Preston, both from England. Dave had raced full sized Formula cars for years and was thoroughly familiar with chassis, suspensions, and design theories of the real Formula cars. So when Dave and Phil designed the basic RC500, they copied exactly all the suspension geometry, "A" arm lengths and locations, ride heights etc. from the rear Formula race cars. Then Associated teamed up with Phil and Dave to produce the car and added some further improvements, such as the coil over shock suspension.