RC8B Factory Team

RC8B Factory Team

The Factory Team RC8B picks up where the RC8 left off by adding many performance and durability enhancing features that were pioneered by our Area 51 engineers and world class pro team drivers, making a great buggy even better! The new RC8B features include Factory Team 16mm Big Bore threaded, hard-anodized shocks, updated 5mm 7075 blue aluminum shock towers, 7075 blue aluminum suspension mounts, Factory Team 7075 blue aluminum one-piece top plate, forward placement battery box, and optimized steering geometry. The RC8B gets you on the track fast, coming with pre-assembled shocks, diffs and turnbuckles, and also includes Factory Team shock and diff fluids. All of these refinements are what make the Factory Team RC8B, a potent buggy ready to take your racing to the next level, that is pure Associated!

Magazine Reviews
The second I turned the steering wheel on my radio, I was blown away by how the RC8B FT reacted. I could really throw it into the corners and it would stick. That's something I look for on race day. The drivetrain on the RC8B FT is super smooth, and you can see that on the track; let off the throttle, and the buggy rolls with ease. The buggy tracked straight with every stab of the throttle, and it didn't take much throttle to get it over the track's larger jumps. While in the air, the buggy has a positive feel and is easy to adjust. You need a lot of brake on a tight course, and the brakes on the RC8B FT didn't disappoint. --Radio Control Car Action, March 2010

The RC8B never had any issues with low speed handling. The revision to the geometry and weight distribution added a little bit better response and a lot better "feel" to the car. It now feels aggressive, but not too aggressive where it bites your hand off. Hammer down on the throttle and the Reedy engine gets happy. The RC8B was also happy, and its new shock's ability to handle the chop made it pretty easy to stay in control. This was the box setup and even without any changes the RC8B felt right. This version of the car has many tuning options that you may not want to use. AE continues to impress me with their vehicles. Not only are they tops in the class, they offer an incredible value. Material quality, handling, good parts and team support all equal an incredible car. It's not hard to see why AE is one of the best brands in the business. --Xtreme RC Cars, December 2009


  • Pre-assembled shocks, diffs, and turnbuckles with Factory Team shock and diff fluids included
  • Factory Team 16mm Big Bore threaded, hard-anodized shocks feature heavy-duty 4mm TiN coated stainless steel shock shafts for maximum smoothness
  • New 5mm 7075 blue aluminum shock towers allow the driver to stand the shock angle up for a more aggressive suspension
  • Optimized front upper camber link bushings allow for more tuning options and are easier to adjust and maintain
  • 7075 blue aluminum suspension mounts front and rear, with inserts to allow easy and quick adjustment of rear toe-in, rear anti-squat, and front kick-up
  • # Optimized steering geometry for more consistency and reduced bump steer
  • Updated wing mount with additional clearance for 16mm shocks
  • Molded composite radio tray includes optional forward placement battery box for increased steering
  • Molded composite front and rear chassis braces
  • Tough steel-alloy shock stand-offs
  • Factory Team 83mm big wheels included
  • Machined aluminum racing clutch shoes
  • Lightweight engine mounts
  • Factory Team 7075 blue aluminum one-piece top plate
  • Light-weight 3mm hard-anodized chassis
  • 4.30:1 ratio gearboxes for maximum punch
  • Heatsink brake discs with "FFC" Free Float Caliper brake system eliminates the possibility of unwanted brake drag while on throttle
  • Two-piece split-center diff mount allows quick and easy access to the center diff
  • Caster blocks adjust 14, 16, or 18 degrees with molded inserts
  • 3.5mm light CVA drivetrain with full ball bearings
  • Rear molded CVA boots to keep dirt and mud out of rear joints
  • Blue aluminum hexes and nylon locking wheel nuts