TC4 Ready-To-Run

TC4 Ready-To-Run

Team Associated's RC10TC4 Touring Car is the refinement of the revolutionary TC3 platform.

Team Associated's RC10TC4 RTR: taking the wild success of the TC3 RTR to the next level.

"The TC4 RTR is every bit as adjustable as the Team Kit. It's a stable, rugged platform that beginners can grow with and time-crunched, experienced drivers can quickly upgrade for track duty." -- George M. Gonzalez, R/C Car Action August 2005

Team Associated’s RC10TC4 Touring Car is the refinement of the revolutionary TC3 platform, optimized with more precise tuning features, better balance, and greater durability.

Team Associated takes full advantage of all these improvements and combines them to bring you the RC10TC4 RTR. The TC4 RTR features include a Reedy Radon 17-turn motor, LRP's latest A.i. automatic speed control and Team Associated's XP radio system, all factory assembled. The TC4 RTR also comes with treaded tires mounted on chrome 8-spoke wheels, composite CVDs, ball diffs, VCS oil-filled composite shocks and a cool street-tuner decal sheet. All that's left for you to do is to add your batteries and get ready to lay down the rubber.

The TC4 RTR is supported by a full line of Factory Team performance parts, including blue titanium turnbuckles, optional radial heatsinks, a motor air-duct cooling system, and a full range of carbon chassis components.

Magazine Review
Starting with a solid foundation is one major key to success in RC racing. If you are new to 1/10 electric on-road and want to try your hand at this addictive class, the TC4 RTR is an excellent choice. The design is proven to win, and the options and upgrades are seemingly endless. Definitely a good choice!
-- RC Driver, October 2005
For a long time, the TC3 RTR was one of a very small group of competition-level sedans available in ready-to-run form, and Associated has continued that tradition by releasing a TC4 RTR kit that is every bit as strong as its predecessor. The great thing about ready-to-run touring cars is that they can be used in so many different ways: it's a race car, it's a street racer, it's a drifter, and all in one package. If you're looking to hit the track for the first time, or just want to blow the doors off your friends' cars in the street, this mean machine could be just what you're looking for.
-- Xtreme RC Cars, August 2005
The TC4 RTR felt planted at all times. I tried to disrupt its grip by moving the steering wheel quickly from left to right a bunch of times as the car tracked along at full speed. There was no shaking it, and that showed it could easily handle a lot more power. I headed down the street and found a sandy section of asphalt. At last, I got the tires to lose their grip; this allowed me to toss the TC4 RTR into turns, peg the throttle and see its rear end slide out. The 4WD traction makes it easy to maintain a perfect drift in the turns, and there's nothing cooler than swinging the rear end like a pendulum.
-- Radio Control Car Action, August 2005


  • Comes with painted body in one of two color schemes. Customize your ride with the included street-tuner decal sheet!
  • Treaded tires mounted on chrome 8-spoke wheels.
  • Reedy Radon 17-turn motor, already installed.
  • LRP "Ai" Automatic-setup digital speed control with reverse. No buttons to push. Just plug it in and go!
  • Composite CVDs are included, along with ball diffs and VCS (Volume-Compensating System) oil-filled composite shocks.
  • Double-decked impact-resistant plastic and lightweight foam bumper system.
  • Shock towers with four upper shock mounting hole options.
  • 6061 T6 blue anodized aluminum drive shaft fits in strong composite drive cups.
  • Machined aluminum motor mount for greater motor stability and functions as an integral heat sink to draw heat away from today’s hotter modified motors.
  • Floating hinge pin system allowed us to develop an anti-dive, anti-squat suspension adjustment shim system front and rear.
  • Optimized steering system features a dual-bellcrank/ rack configuration.
  • Front and rear suspension links feature vertical ballstud adjustment for making precise changes in your chassis’ roll-center.
  • LRP A.i. digital speed control, installed.
  • Team Associated XP2 radio system, installed.
  • Reedy Radon 17-turn electric motor, installed.