TC5 Factory Team

Team Associated's Area 51 is proud to announce the release of the Factory Team TC5. The TC5 is Area-51's answer to the most competitive onroad touring car field in history. Starting with a blank sheet of paper, many decades of race winning experience and new ideas, the designers built the TC5 from the ground up producing an entirely new platform. The result is the TC5, an electric touring car that offers the performance and durability to stand up to the highest demands of touring car racing.

The TC5 starts with a full ball bearing, dual belt-drive system that transfers all the power from the motor smoothly and efficiently. With today’s motors and batteries delivering more power than ever before, the belt-drive system gives the TC5 a very predictable throttle response and feel, making it easier to drive fast and carry more speed through the corners.

The newly designed composite ball differentials are super light for reduced rotational mass. Reducing the weight of the diffs lets the TC5 accelerate harder out of the corners. The new diffs are also quick and easy to maintain, and are strong featuring blue aluminum outdrive-saver rings. Hardened-steel CVA with cross-pin retaining clips and blue aluminum clamping wheel hexes offer reliable service getting all the power to the wheels.


  • Belt drive with adjustable differential heights and belt tension
  • Blue titanium turnbuckles
  • Blue aluminum clamping wheel hexes
  • VCS2 shock package
  • Hard anodized threaded shock bodies
  • Front and rear anti-roll bars
  • Adjustable roll centers and hinge pin angle
  • Mono-bellcrank and adjustable servo-saver
  • Lightweight and durable high-impact bumper
  • Composite differentials with blue aluminum outdrive saver rings
  • 3mm woven carbon-fiber shock towers
  • Rigid 2.5mm woven carbon-fiber chassis and top plate
  • 20 Precision ball bearings
  • Woven carbon-fiber battery strap included
  • Blue aluminum thumbscrews included
  • Hardened steel CVAs with cross-pin retaining clips
  • Rear hubs with vertical ball studs
  • Durable front and rear A-arms
  • Genuine Kimbrough 48 pitch spur-gear included
  • 3mm inner hinge pins and 2.5mm outer hinge pins
  • Blue aluminum bulkheads and motor mount
  • Indexed balancing holes in shock towers