TC5R Factory Team

TC5R Factory Team

For Rubber Tire Touring Car Performance

Based on Associated’s successful Factory Team TC5, we now bring you the TC5R, an electric touring car chassis that has been optimized for lower traction, rubber tire racing. The components that make up the TC5R have the desired attributes that are sought after for indoor and/or outdoor racing with rubber tires, making the TC5R an even more lethal racing machine!

The TC5R starts with a full ball bearing, dual belt-drive system that transfers all the power from the motor smoothly and efficiently. With today’s motors and batteries delivering more power than ever before, the belt-drive system gives the TC5R a very predictable throttle response and feel, making it easier to drive fast and carry more speed through the corners.

The blue aluminum ball differentials are super light for reduced rotational mass. Reducing the weight of the diffs lets the TC5R accelerate harder out of the corners. The front differential now offers the option to build a spool, giving a competitive edge for today's high-powered motors and batteries. Hardened-steel CVAs with cross-pin retaining clips and blue aluminum clamping wheel hexes offer reliable service getting all the power to the wheels.

Factory Team TC5FThe TC5R has a fully adjustable and durable "soft" composite suspension package. The rugged A-arms pivot on 3mm inner hinge pins and 2.5mm outer hinge pins, making it easier than ever to drive away from some of the most severe mishaps. Fully adjustable roll centers and hinge-pin angles (anti- and pro-squat) help you to squeeze every last ounce of handling potential out of the TC5R. The steering is handled by a mono bellcrank with adjustable Ackermann for more precision and less free play. An integrated adjustable servo saver releases only when you need it to and not before. Front and rear anti-roll bars are included.

The VCS2 shock package is included and features hard anodized threaded shock bodies and are very quick and easy to rebuild thanks to the silicone shock bladders. Weight bias is a very important part of tuning any race car and to accommodate this, the stiff 3mm carbon fiber shock towers are indexed with center holes designed for balancing the TC5R side to side.

Factory Team TC5FThe TC5R has an ITF 2mm carbon fiber chassis and top plate, and when assembled with the blue aluminum bulkheads makes a chassis with "Increased Torsional Flex." The torsional chassis flex gives the TC5R a broad sweet spot, making it easier than ever to get dialed in for high-grip carpet racing, low-traction parking lot racing, and all the conditions in between.

Demands and expectations of race-level touring cars have never before been higher. The Factory Team TC5R not only meets those demands and expectations, but surpasses them with the best touring car made by Team Associated to date.

The Factory Team TC5R is truly a champion by design.


  • Belt drive with adjustable differential heights and belt tension
  • Blue aluminum outdrives
  • Hardened steel CVAs with cross-pin retaining clips
  • Blue aluminum clamping wheel hexes
  • 20 precision ball-bearings
  • Blue aluminum bulkheads and motor mount
  • Woven carbon fiber battery strap included
  • ITF 2mm woven carbon fiber chassis and top plate
  • Front and rear anti-roll bars included
  • VCS2 shock package
  • Titanium turnbuckles
  • Genuine Kimbrough 48-pitch spur gear included
  • 3mm inner hinge pins and 2.5mm outer hinge pins
  • Adjustable roll centers hinge-pin angle
  • Vertical ball studs
  • 3mm woven carbon fiber shock towers
  • Mono bellcrank steering with adjustable servo saver
  • Indexed balancing holes in shock towers
  • Spool option included