Reedy Sonic 540-M3 Motor 5.0 Modified

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  • CNC machined, lightweight 3-piece can Aluminum end cap Low-resistance, silver-plated solder tabs Optimized air cooling Dual-precision ball bearings Balanced rotor High-strength magnet Adjustable timing Completely rebuildable Competition proven Built to ROAR/EFRA/IFMAR specs

The all-new Sonic 540-M3 Competition Brushless Motor

For the last 12 months, the Reedy development team has been working behind the scenes utilizing a combination of new ideas and proven concepts to create the all-new Sonic 540-M3 Competition Brushless Motor.

On the outside, the 540-M3 appears very similar to the Mach 2, but look closely and you will realize that nothing has been carried over from the previous model. A 3-piece CNC machined can reduces weight while improving airflow, component fit, and bearing alignment. Heavy-duty silver-plated solder tabs are not only thicker to reduce resistance, but are also cupped to aid soldering and well supported to prevent internal connections from fatiguing over time.

Inside, changes are less obvious but result in huge performance gains. Sonic 540-M3 Spec motors walk the edge of legality in exchange for maximum power output and RPM thanks to an all-new stator design, pure copper magnet wire, and low-resistance collector rings. Available short-stack versions suit 1S powered pan cars and under the right circumstances can create a power advantage in 2S powered buggies, trucks, and touring cars.

Unlike Spec class racing, Modified is about controlling power. Sonic motors have always been known for their linear power delivery and the 540-M3 does not disappoint. A new stator design improves mid-range feel which both on-and off-road racers will appreciate.

A balanced, high-strength sintered rotor provides powerful, fade-free performance thanks to improved manufacturing processes. To fine-tune for specific applications and tracks, a variety of optional rotors are available. Lastly, larger precision stainless steel ball bearings have been fitted to accommodate high RPM loads with improved reliability.

Visit for a complete list of tuning rotors, replacement/option parts and detailed specifications.

Cells:1-2S LiPo Diameter
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Team Driver Setup Sheets:
Download Driver Track Date
Download Keven Hebert US Indoor Championships 11/25/2018
TC7.2 - Modified - Carpet (CRC Black)
Download Rick Hohwart 2017 International Indoor Championships (IIC) 10/06/2017
TC7.1 - high grip carpet
Download Keven Hebert 2017 Canadian Nationals 03/19/2017
TC7.1 - Modified - Medium grip carpet
Download Keven Hebert 2017 ROAR Carpet Nationals 03/12/2017
TC7.1 - Modified - High grip CRC black carpet
Download Rick Hohwart CTS2 Round 2 03/12/2017
TC7.1 - Modified - Med/high grip asphalt - 75F
Download Keven Hebert 2016 US Indoor Championships 11/27/2016
AE TC7.1 - Modified - Carpet, high grip
Download Rick Hohwart 2016 Reedy TC Race of Champions 05/29/2016
AE TC7.1 - Modified - Asphalt, med grip - 75F
Download Rick Hohwart 2015 ROAR On-Road Nationals 09/13/2015
AE TC6.2 - Modified - Asphalt medium grip - 90F