SC10 4x4 FT Upgrade Kit

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SC10 4x4 FT Upgrade Kit

Now you can upgrade your SC10 4x4 short-course truck to the latest competition specs! This kit allows the use of a saddle-pack battery (Reedy #627) to optimize the weight distribution of the chassis. With the addition of the Factory Team carbon-fiber chassis brace rod, the chassis flex has been made more consistent and predictable for an overall improvement in handling and traction.

One of the more radical features on the SC10 4x4 Factory Team kit is now available to you - the VTS4 slipper clutch, a variable torque, multi-plate slipper clutch with four drive surfaces. The VTS4 slipper clutch provides increased torque capacity in addition to finer resolution adjustments. It all adds up to more consistent power transfer to the ground. For an upgrade in performance, get the upgrade kit!

Includes all the parts below:

  • Belt Cover
  • Rear Shock Tower
  • Optional Steering Rack
  • 4x4 Chassis Brace Conversion
  • 4x4 Saddle Pack Battery Strap
  • VTS Slipper Conversion
  • 4x4 Saddle Pack Cradle


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