New! 13mm Truck Shocks and Springs

Tuesday, Sep 27, 2022 at 12:00am CDT

(Pictured: #71159 FT 13x36mm Shock Bodies, with Genuine FOX Kashima Coat.)

Upgrade your RC10T6.2 and RC10SC6.2 to 13mm shocks

13x36mm shock bodies, 54mm truck front springs, and 72mm truck rear springs are available now! Truck front shocks have been using the existing 27.5mm length buggy rear shock. (See supplemental parts list for every part used in a complete build by visiting the pages for #71158 and #71159 in the Documents tab.)

Take advantage of the 13mm shock technology from the RC10B6.4 buggy that offers a superior ride for bumps and jumps. The larger 13mm-bore piston allows you to run lighter oils to get the low-speed feeling of a soft shock, but with more pack as you take off and land your jumps. This translates to a truck that soaks up the bumps in and out of corners but packs up in the high-speed landings to give you the feeling of landing on a pillow. Build new 13mm shocks or convert your 12mm truck shocks.

Available October 2022

UPC Part # Description
78469571159 #71159 FT 13x36mm Shock Bodies, with Genuine FOX Kashima Coat
784695711600 #71160 13mm Front Springs, white 4.40 lb/in, L54, 7.5T, 1.3D
784695711617 #71161 13mm Front Springs, gray 4.60 lb/in, L54, 7.25T, 1.3D
784695711624 #71162 13mm Front Springs, blue 4.80 lb/in, L54, 7.0T, 1.3D
784695711631 #71163 13mm Rear Springs, green 2.20 lb/in, L72, 9.75T, 1.2D
784695711631 #71164 13mm Rear Springs, white 2.35 lb/in, L72, 9.25T, 1.2D
784695711655 #71165 13mm Rear Springs, gray 2.55 lb/in, L72, 8.75T, 1.2D