New! RC8B4 Suspension Arms in new Medium Blend Composite Material

Tuesday, Aug 15, 2023 at 1:00am UTC

(Pictured: #81593 RC8B4 Rear Suspension Arms, medium.)

Team Associated developed a new Medium composite arm material for 1:8 off-road racing. Compared to the RC8B4 kit Hard material, the Medium arms have reduced fiber content which offers several improvements. Medium arms are marked with a blue dot on all parts.

Benefits of Medium arms

  • Increased impact strength while maintaining responsive racing feel
  • Increased durability in cooler temperature range
  • More grip on low traction conditions where added flex makes the car more forgiving
  • Slightly reduced weight of approximately 1.5 grams per arm
  • Fits: RC8B4, RC8B4e.

RC8B4 Rear Suspension Arms, medium
UPC: 784695815933
Available now

RC8B4 Front Lower Suspension Arms, medium
UPC: 784695815940
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Front Upper Suspension Arms, medium
UPC: 784695815957
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