New! V2 Aluminum Front Towers for RC8B4 and RC8T4

Tuesday, Aug 15, 2023 at 3:00am UTC

(Pictured: #81624 RC8T4 Front Shock Tower V2, black aluminum.)

Team Associated updated the RC8B4 and RC8T4 front towers to a V2 design that is more durable. The new shock towers have a 1mm pocket to capture the front upper suspension insert, as well as incorporating a 2mm longer 48mm hinge pin to support the front upper suspension arms. The resulting combination is the most durable design to get your Team Associated vehicle across the finish line in one piece.


  • CNC-machined 7075 aluminum, black anodized
  • Updated captured suspension insert
  • Includes longer 48mm front upper hinge pins
  • Installation supplement included
  • Customers need #81446 (remaining from the kit build) to fill the extra gap on the build

RC8B4 Front Shock Tower V2, black aluminum
UPC: 784695815049
Available September 2023

RC8T4 Front Shock Tower V2, black aluminum
UPC: 784695816244
Available now