NEW! Apex2 Sport RTR + Rally Conversion Kit

Thursday, May 16, 2024 at 12:00am UTC Exclusive!

For a limited time, select Apex2 Sport vehicles will be available with parts to convert your Apex2 into a rally ready racer.

Apex2 Rally Conversion Features

  • Apex2 Rally Shocks. Longer shock shafts and aluminum threaded shock bodies with larger oil capacity allows the Apex2 to soak up off-road terrain in true rally fashion.
  • Apex2 Rally Shock Towers. Carbon fiber shock towers with tower covers allow for taller shock mounting positions for increased suspension travel.
  • Lower +3mm Arm Mounts. Lower +3 arm mounts widen the lower suspension by 3mm from center to provide increased stability and traction.
  • 5.8mm Ball Stud Set. A taller set of ball studs allows for more clearance and movement for the links.
  • Updated Chassis: New Apex2 chassis includes chamfering for added down-travel and suspension capabilities.
  • Apex2 CVAs. Front CVAs for more on-power traction and more predictable driving feel.
  • Apex2 Center Diff Set, 72T 48P. Sealed, tunable center diff increases traction and stability on-power in off-road conditions.

Pre-Order Now.

The conversion requires fluid (not included) for the shocks and center diff, four AA batteries for radio-controlled car radio, LiPo RC car Shorty battery with High Current T-Plug, and battery charger for battery used.

UPC Part # Name
784695983410 #30125RC Apex2 Sport, Datsun 240Z RTR, Rally Conversion
784695983403 #30126RC Apex2 Sport, A550 Rally Car RTR, Rally Conversion
784695983397 #30128RC Apex2 Sport, Nissan 400Z RTR Red, Rally Conversion
784695983380 #30129RC Apex2 Sport, Datsun 620, Rally Conversion

When you order an Apex2 RC combo on, the RTR and rally parts will be listed as a separate line item on your order with the appropriate pricing to equal the combo price.
Rally parts come in a box separately from the RTR and must be installed by the purchaser.