Team Associated Success at the 2021 Indoor Buggy Nationals

Monday, Nov 15, 2021 at 12:00am CST

(Pictured: FxracingMS team winners.)

This past weekend saw FxracingMS, Fxmodells, and Romanian RC Federation organizing the 2021 Indoor Buggy Nationals in Tg-Mures city, Transylvania. COVID-19 has been spreading fast in Romania, so we had to respect the rules to make this event possible. For three days the best drivers from Romania battled for the Junior and Senior 1:10 buggy champion title.

At his first indoor race in Romania, Fxracingms driver Jonatan Pastor struggled in the qualifiers for the Buggy 2WD Modified Seniors class to find traction on his B6.2 before switching to the right tires. After resolving this issue in the first A Main, he had no problems winning the race with his Associated B6.2.

In Buggy 2WD Modified Junior class, Jakab Tamas, also a Fxracingms driver, had a tough time chasing Matei Catalin's son Alexandru, in the end coming in second place with his Associated B6.2, followed closely by Stefan Cezar with his new Associated B6.3 car.

Things took a different turn in the Buggy 4WD Modified Senior class, as the majority of the faster drivers were using Associated cars. Having few races indoor this year, most of the drivers have not made the switch to the newer B74 model. Having a good setup and the right tires for his B64 equipped with the Reedy 510R ESC, Stroe Razvan was the faster and more consistent driver, taking the first two final mains in front of teammate Matei Catalin and Serban Mircea. The A Main included five drivers with Associated cars.

The situation repeated in the Buggy 4WD Modified Junior class, where Matei Alexandru was the fastest driver with his B64 car, but for the first time Jakab Tamas followed closely with the B74 during the qualifiers. Tamas' commented that the B74 is an easier car to drive than the B64, with a lot of steering similar to a touring car rather than an off-roader.


Vehicles used
#90029 RC10B6.3 Team Kit
#90023 RC10B6.2 Team Kit
#90027 RC10B74.1 Team Kit
#90026 RC10B74 Team Kit

Reedy products used
#27004 Blackbox 510R Sensored Competition ESC
#27444 Reedy Sonic 540-M4 Motor 6.5
#27118 Reedy RS3005A Digital HV servo

Photos courtesy of Eng diplomat Lucian Fridrik, FXModells s.r.l

Thanks to Lucian Fridrik for this report.

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