Smokey and Bandit Trophy Event

Tuesday, Nov 8, 2022 at 12:00am UTC

This past weekend Apex Hobbies and Darkside hosted the Smokey and Bandit Trophy Event. It is a theme race based on the movie "Smokey and the Bandit." The two main classes are VTA and Euro/Semi Truck. Racers came from all over the Southeast including Kentucky, Alabama, and Georgia, and Tennessee. For this one-day event and fresh off my TQ run at the Nationals, I was running my Reedy-powered Euro Truck. I was also running my Reedy-power VTA ride.

The format was for three qualifiers and 10-minute mains for both classes. And to stack the A mains with 10-plus vehicles. After three rounds of qualifiers I was able to put my vehicles in the TQ position.

We did a side-by-side start with the Euro Truck start and it was a slugfest with 14 trucks on the track fighting for the top 3 spots. I was able to drive and keep the power down for a full 10 minutes for a 98% consistency run to secure the win. The Reedy Power Wolfpack 4000 round LiPo and Reedy Power LP servo combined with the Reedy Power 1416 LiPo charger made for another great racing day.

The VTA class had a little twist to it. After setting TQ for the three rounds of qualifying, we were doing inverted, rolling starts for 10 minutes. This would be a tricky drive with 10-plus cars on the track all at the same time and fighting to gain positions and grab a podium spot. And the RD added to it by saying any bumping on the first lap and we had to do a re-start. So after a few tries, and starting for the very back of the field, I made enough moves and had plenty of power thanks to the FULL Reedy Power package to claim another win at this event. It took 45 laps to complete the 10-minute main and my Reedy Power products were flawless.

This was a fun and exciting event that had everything the hobby is about.

Products used, VTA
#27203 Reedy 1416-C2L Dual AC/DC Competition Balance Charger
#27381 Zappers SG5 6000mAh 130C 7.6V ULP Stick
#27400 Reedy S-Plus 25.5T
#27004 Blackbox 510R Sensored Competition ESC
#27119 Reedy RT1705A Digital HV Aluminum Brushless Low-profile Servo

Products used, Euro Truck
#27119 Reedy RT1705A Digital HV Aluminum Brushless Low-profile Servo
#752 WolfPack LiPo 4000mAh 35C 7.4V
#27203 Reedy 1416-C2L Dual AC/DC Competition Balance Charger

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