Another win for Myron Kinnard and Reedy Power

Wednesday, Sep 27, 2023 at 12:00am UTC

(Pictured: Left to right: Scott Pilcher, Logan Pilcher, Myron "Battman" Kinnard, and Joe Drury.)

This weekend at Apex Raceway and Hobbies it was time to tune the strings at Music City as Team Reedy drivers Myron Kinnard and Logan Pilcher were on hand to debut the all new Reedy SP5 25.5 motor that is now ROAR approved. This powerplant did not disappoint, as Logan was able to set a fast pace in the first of three qualifiers, showing the raw speed of the new motor. Myron was able to test some gearing and find a sweet spot for the current track with the new carpet down. Logan was able to outpace the field and grab the top spot headed into round two.

Round two saw a slight adjustment to timing and gearing and slighter faster overall lap times, but it also showcased the consistency and minimal fall-off this motor has to offer when paired with the Reedy SG5 batteries. The TQ was reset by Logan and saw Myron making gains as he made a couple gearing adjustments and continued to fine tune that sweet spot. This left the competition gunning for that top spot and working hard to grab that good starting spot in the A main.

The third and final qualifier showed some amazing speed with a fast lap nearly a half second faster than the competition. While the performance improved, Logan and Myron both were caught up in some on-track incidents; yet Logan was able to maintain the TQ for the A Main with his round two result.

After a short break it was time to roll off for the A Main. Logan was sitting TQ with Myron in P3 for the start. Early on, Logan was able to jump out and lead in a highly competitive VTA field as always at Apex. Myron was able to move up to P2 on lap 6 behind Logan and the two would continue to battle the entire eight minutes. The two team Reedy drivers would swap the lead several times, with Myron edging out the young Logan by a mere couple tenths at the finish line.

This was a very strong showing for Reedy Power and for the drivers as well. Many great compliments were given for the new motor, and the race showcased the 610R ESC and the new Low Profile servos.

Next up for Logan is the Key to The City race at Soda City in South Carolina. Looking forward to being able to outpower the competition once again.

Products used, VTA
#27016 Reedy Blackbox 610R Competition ESC
#27478 Reedy Sonic 540-SP5 25.5T Brushless Motor
#27155 Reedy RT1705A Digital HV Aluminum Brushless Low-profile Servo
#27381 Reedy Zappers SG5 6000mAh 130C 7.6V ULP Stick
#27457 Reedy HV 30mm Aluminum Motor Fan
#27426 Reedy Sonic 540-SP5 Titanium Motor Screw Set

Photos courtesy of Scott Pilcher and PASS Racing. Thanks to Scott Pilcher and PASS Racing for this report.

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