Myron Kinnard Wins USVTA Scale Nationals with Reedy Power

Thursday, Apr 18, 2024 at 12:00am UTC

(Pictured: Myron Kinnard.)

The return of the USVTA Scale Nationals was held at the Thunderdome Raceway in Morris, IL, outside of Chicago. This was the return of the event to a new home, which was started back in 2007. The guys at Thunderdome did a great job of organizing the track and crowd into making this a top-notch USVTA Nationals-level event.

I was really excited to see this event return as I have made a dozen trips to Chi-town area from TN over the last 15 years. I have been "bridesmaid" for years as I've made second place multiple times and TQ, but never been able to get the victory. But not this time...

This weekend The USVTA held the Scale Nationals, with racers coming from all over to compete against the best in VTA, GT, F1, GT12, and others. Myron Battman Kinnard was there with his Reedy Power VTA and USGT rides to try once again to "Finish the Story." After a few hours of practice and getting the vibe for the racers and staff, it was time to call it a night.

Saturday morning the track opened up and practice was really good. My Reedy Power VTA was very good and I was in position to make a real go at the championship. My Reedy Power USGT was pretty good but setup changes would be a must. So after practice, we got into the format. "Heads-up" Reedy style with 4-second pit stops -- this is a strategy-and-thinking-man's race. Random picks and order made for some crazy races and finishes. Knowing when to take your pit stop could make the biggest difference if you weren't careful.

With all the top brands and drivers in attendance, every little gain was used. In VTA and USGT, I started dead last, as well as up front, and everywhere in between for the most intense heads-up racing I've ever been a part of. So after four rounds on Saturday, I was sitting on top of both classes, but with Sunday morning came two more rounds.

Sunday came and everyone brought out the big guns to grab every position to better their score. I got my P1 for the first time in USGT, and took first in the fifth round. This set up a six-round for the USGT National title.

In the largest class at the event, VTA, in round five, the top three racers would be P1 to P3, with me in P3. This was the biggest test of the weekend to see if we were able to get past the best of the best. All three of us were locked in for several laps. But my Reedy Power VTA was on point and I was able to go around P2 and was closing the gap on P1. But time ran out for me.

This would set up a serious deja vu from the past. But I was determine to bring home both USVTA and USGT titles. In USGT, I got a P5 start and had to make a hard run to the front. My Reedy Power 6800 Zapper SG5 pushed my GT car to the max and with a perfect pitstop it came down to the last corner of the last lap. This gave myself the first USGT title.

In Vintage Trans-Am I would be in the same heat as one of the top guys at the event. He got P3 and I was P5. Everything was on the line and it came down to this. My Reedy Power 25.5 SP5 Stamp A and Zappers SG5 ULP 6000 with the Reedy 610R and RS1606A servo was not about to fail. After some confusion with the lead cars, I was able to get up front and lead till I took my pit, after returning to the track I went straight into chase mode and laid down my best laps of the weekend to take the overall win, and finally after 15 years of chasing and being the bridesmaid of the Scale Nationals, I was the 2024 USVTA Scale Nationals Champion.

This was the most amazing win I ever got in RC -- Snowbirds, US Indoor Champs, USVTA Southern Nationals, Halloween Classic, and many others. I have had great wins, but this one right here was a long time coming.

Thanks to the great staff at Thunderdome and the man behind the USVTA organization, Rob King.

("Heads-up" racing depends on getting through the finish line ahead of everyone else, and is the predominate way races are held. From A-Team Apps, RC Glossary, under H, Head's Up Racing.)

Reedy Power Products used
#27380 Zappers SG5 6800mAh 130C 7.6V LP Stick
#27381 Zappers SG5 6000mAh 130C 7.6V ULP Stick
#27017 Blackbox 610R Competition ESC, with Blackbox PROgrammer 2
#27154 Reedy RS1606A Low-Profile Titanium Gear Brushless Hi-Speed HV Servo
#27203 Reedy 1416-C2L Dual AC/DC Competition Balance Charger
Sonic 540-SP5 25.5T Stamp A

Photos courtesy of Myron "Battman" Kinnard. Thanks to Myron Kinnard for this report.

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