Enduro SE, Stealth XF Transmission Set

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Enduro SE, Stealth XF Transmission Set

The StealthR XF symbolizes the continued progression of the Element RC brand. We took many of the notes and design features we learned from the Stealth X and refined them into a forward-motor setup.

The new design moves the motor forward to help keep the weight over the front wheels while maintaining a lower center of gravity. This upgraded pre-assembled transmission comes equipped with new 18% overdrive gears, Factory Team Slipper lockout, and ball bearings for ultra-smooth operation.

The Stealth XF Transmission Set comes pre-assembled and greased from the factory and includes:

  • #42333 Enduro SE FT Stealth XF Slipper Lockout
  • #91563 FT Bearings, 10x15x4mm
  • Plastic Stealth XF upper case gears
  • #42338 Stealth XF 18% Overdrive gears (55T/25T)
  • New #42339 Stealth XF Overdrive Outdrives
  • #41090 LP SHCS motor screws
Fits all 1:10 Enduro vehicles.


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