Factory Team Diff Decoder 1:8 Wheel Adapter

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Factory Team Diff Decoder 1:8 Wheel Adapter

To enhance the Diff Decoder's tuning capabilities in 1:8 off-road vehicles, Factory Team is proud to introduce a 17mm wheel hex adapter. Now, mechanics can quickly and easily check and compare differential hardness unobtrusively at the wheels using this handy option.

The #91918 Factory Team Diff Decoder is an indispensable tool for the hardcore racer! The Diff Decoder displays a consistent, measured value for differential hardness rather than relying on an estimation or feeling. This measurement can be used to build differentials to a specific hardness, fine-tune to improve vehicle performance, understand the differences between oil brands and temperature, or to replicate an existing differential.

The Diff Decoder's machined aluminum body is compact and lightweight with a 5-digit LED display suitable for measurement of a wide variety of differentials. Includes one 1:10 7mm hex adapter to measure at the wheel, and one 1:8 pin adapter to measure at the diff outdrive.


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