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Thursday, Sep 15, 2022 at 12:00am CDT

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September 2022

DR10 Video Series: If you've been running your stock RTR body this whole time, you're probably ready for a fresh new looking body. Something that will separate your car from the rest. What better way to do that than to paint a new custom body? So, if you've never painted an RC car body, then follow along. In this video we go over the basics of what you need, along with a few tips to get you on the road to painting an awesome-looking paint job.
Ep11 Paint and Mount a New Body

DR10 Video Series: Differentials don't just help you go around turns, they can also help your car go straight when drag racing. In this video we go over a simple tip to get your DR10 going straight off the line.
Diff Setup

Added a category button to the Reedy main page so you know where to go for firmware updates.
See the "Manuals, Setup Sheets, and Firmware Updates" button

DR10 Video Series: Are you ready to attend your first event? Here are just a couple tips to keep in mind when heading out to your first RC drag racing event.
Your First Event

August 2022

DR10 Video Series: In this video we cover a little bit about what gearing does to your DR10 and how to change it. A smaller pinion will give you more torque and less top-end speed, while a larger pinion give you less torque, but more top-end speed.

New website section for quickly accessing early Associated Electrics documents up to 1996. Great for when you need to look up details of Associated products up to then. In the Associated Electrics tab, click on "Support," then on the "Early Documents" category button.
AE Reference Library

DR10 Video Series: When using the stock slipper clutch, constant adjustments will need to be made to keep your vehicle consistent as the clutch wears. The Factory Team clutch is a simple set-it and forget-it type upgrade. As you progress in your racing, upgrading the clutch is something you should think about. (Using Factory Team Lockout Clutch #72026.)
The Clutch

Updated the Site Map with a Social Media page button. See both under Support.

DR10 Video Series: As you race more and more, there's going to come a time when you'll need to mount a new set of tires. In this episode we show you the simple steps to mounting and gluing tires.
Mount and Glue Tires

July 2022

DR10 Video Series: After going through the RTR Checklist, it's time to make the first pass. In this video we go over a few things to check and setup to get your car going straight. Be sure to subscribe to continue watching the series.
Making Your First Pass

Prices have been lowered for kits and RTRs on our eBay clearance store.
Team Associated Clearance

June 2022

Our Team Associated Clearance store will be temporarily closed this Wednesday, June 29 through Tuesday, July 5. Until then, please use this brief opportunity to buy products that bring you joy in this hobby with friends and family.
Team Associated Clearance

As temperatures warm up, we all will spend more time in the evenings on the trail. That also means we'll be doing more night time trail runs with our rigs fully lit up. However, having lights on your rig isn't always enough to keep you safe while driving at night. Especially in rural areas like the desert or mountains.
Light Up Your Night

The Exchange Program has been updated to include the new Reedy Radon 2 550 Crawler motors. You can send in your working or non-working engine, radio system, speed control, motor, starter box, or servo FROM ANY MANUFACTURER and exchange it towards the purchase of brand new Team Associated or Reedy equipment.
Exchange Program

When it comes to scale builds, it's the details that make it look realistic. Small details like the black trim around the windows or the chrome on an emblem can really take your scale build to the next level. Here are a few helpful items to detail your next scale build.
Detailing Tools

May 2022

When ordering RC parts online, things can be packed pretty tight to save on shipping and material costs. This can result in tire foams being deformed in the shipping process. This doesn't damage the foam in any way, it just makes inserting them more difficult and the tires uneven or wobbly. But, there is a quick and easy way to remedy this issue. Here's how to quickly bring those foam inserts back to normal.
Unwrinkle Tire Foams

Updated the Team Associated Vehicle History with more information added to year 2010. Found in the A-Team app (link under Support).
Team Associated Vehicle History

Whether it's a competition or organized get-together, attending your first event can be overwhelming if you don't know what to expect. Here are a few things to know when you decide to go to your first event.
Attending Your First Event

Applying printed artwork to your polycarbonate body is super easy and doesn't require any expensive equipment. Here's how it's done.
Printed Artwork Into Your Paint Design

Editable setup sheet for the RC10B6.4 and B6.4D have been uploaded.
RC10B6.4 & 6.4D setup

In the past we've shown you different paint effects such as carbon fiber, rust, and weathered graphics. This time we're going to show you how to get a marbled effect that's super easy and looks great.
Marble Paint Effect

Manuals for the RC10B6.4 and B6.4D have been uploaded.
RC10B6.4 manual
RC10B6.4D manual

Anyone who has been in the RC hobby will face the problem of having spare parts and hardware. And if you have more than one vehicle, or are a builder, then you know those parts and hardware can pile up quick. So what do you do with all those parts, screws and do-dads? You keep them organized.
Stay Organized

We updated the Element RC scale mini boxes page with the Enduro Knightrunner blue box! (You might have to refresh the page to get the May 3 update.)
Element RC scale mini boxes

The Exchange Program has been updated to include the new Reedy brushed ESC and motor. You can send in your working or non-working engine, radio system, speed control, motor, starter box, or servo FROM ANY MANUFACTURER and exchange it towards the purchase of brand new Team Associated or Reedy equipment.
Exchange Program

April 2022

The Exchange Program has been updated to include the new Reedy ESC and motor. You can send in your working or non-working engine, radio system, speed control, motor, starter box, or servo FROM ANY MANUFACTURER and exchange it towards the purchase of brand new Team Associated or Reedy equipment.
Exchange Program

I updated the Spring Rate Charts to include the 13mm springs used on the RC10B6.4. Found under Vehicle Tuning.
Spring Rate Charts

When it comes to our RC hobby, there are always a few quick tips to make things easier. Here are a few of our favorites.
5 Easy Quick Tips

The RC10B6.4 Team Kits have been added to the Team Associated Vehicle History page of the A-Team Apps. Now 481 vehicles released! The link to the A-Team Apps is found on this site's Support page.
Evolution of the RC10 Buggy

The RC10B6.4 Team Kits have been added to the RC10 Evolution page of the A-Team Apps. The link to the A-Team Apps is found on this site's Support page.
Evolution of the RC10 Buggy

We added a countdown race lights app. Prop up your smartphone where racers can see it and lights for Ready, Set, Go! will appear.
Race Lights

Whether in a competition or just crawling with friends, knowing your rig and how to read the terrain can make tackling hard lines easier. Here are a few tips to help you pick your line when crawling.
Picking Your Line

An Application Chart was uploaded for the Zappers SG5 batteries.
SG5 Application Chart

The engineers uploaded a couple of RC8B4 & B4e tip pages. Also uploaded were blank setup sheets.
RC8B4 & B4e Tips

We all like to shoot videos of our rigs. However, getting that video to look good can be tricky. It's all about getting the right angle or making that scale rig look real that makes a video interesting. Here are a few basic RC video tips.
Basic RC Video Tips

March 2022

Pro2 SC10 Method Race Wheels RTR manual is now online.

RC8B4 and RC8B4e manuals are now online. Please check the kit pages for download.

If you're old school and use masking tape to paint your RC body, then laying out a symmetrical paint design on the body first will make things much easier.
Symmetrical Paint Design

We've created a lot of videos to help you get the most out of your car purchase. We've made a short list of popular vids and made a link to it under the RTR "Manuals and Setups" links. (This page has been updated since it was first released. After opening, click to refresh the page.)
Tips and Tricks Videos for RC Cars

Custom painting RC bodies is the one major way to make a build your own. Whether it's a clean showroom style paint job, wild colors, or rusted and weathered, we all want something that looks cool. One of the coolest effects is a scale carbon fiber that's super easy to do on polycarbonate, commonly known as Lexan(TM), bodies. We'll show you how!
Painted Carbon Fiber Effect

Uploaded instructions for the #72026 FT Lockout Slipper.
#72026 FT Lockout

The RIVAL MT8 manual was updated.
RIVAL MT8 manual

Catch the rockin' Apex2 Hoonitruck video filmed by Tire Slayers Studio!
Apex2 Hoonitruck video

We uploaded the Apex 2 manual.
Apex 2 Hoonitruck Manual

After a day out on the trail, we all have a routine when putting our rigs away. We unplug and store the battery, put the transmitter in its case or on the shelf, and put the trail bag on its hook. However, we often overlook the dirty tires on the rigs. Although putting your rig away with dirty tires really isn't a big deal, it's a good idea to keep them fresh and clean for the next time you head out. It will also prevent dirt falling onto the shelf if you keep your rigs inside the house.
Cleaning Tires

Trail Tip Tuesday: Whether it's when installing a new servo in a kit or replacing the stock servo in an RTR, you're going to need to center the steering before heading out on the trail. It's really simple, not much more than turning a knob on your radio. Here's how it's done.
Center Steering

We updated the International Distributors listing.
International Distributors

Trail Tip Tuesday: Applying decals is one of the most common things we do in RC. Whether it's an RTR, race car, or trail truck, at some point you're going to apply decals. So, if you are new to the hobby, here are a few simple tricks to applying decals.
Applying Decals

February 2022

A-Team Apps: updated the Team Associated Vehicle History with the latest vehicles.
Team Associated Vehicle History

Trail Tip Tuesday: If you're new to the hobby, or planning on getting into it, you're probably wondering what tools you need. There are some you need and others that are handy to have around. We'll go over all of them in this Trail Tip Tuesday video.
Tools You Should Have

Trail Tip Tuesday: When assembling a kit or putting a new part on, sometimes it can be tough to thread a screw into the new plastic. This not only results in a cramped hand, but can also result in a stripped screw. So, how can you prevent this from happening and make threading a screw into new plastic easier? You simply pre-thread the hole. Here's how.
Preventing and Dealing with Stripped Screws

Trail Tip Tuesday: If you drive your rig as much as we do, there's bound to be some wear in your rig's drive system. Doing preventative maintenance like we covered in our "Axle Maintenance" Trail Tip video is necessary to keep your rig reliable. It's also a great opportunity to upgrade the stock ring gear to the Factory Team machined ring gear.
Installing the Factory Team Ring Gear

If case you haven't noticed, we have a couple of newer category buttons. When you visit the home page and scroll down, you'll see "Latest Product" and "Site Map." Check them out.
Newer category buttons

Trail Tip Tuesday: Being creative in this hobby is what makes it fun. Sometimes we see everyday objects that can be repurposed into something cool. In other words, we see what others might think of as trash, as treasure. Here are a few things that most think of as trash that can be repurposed into scale treasure.
Trash or Treasure

January 2022

The Exchange Program has been updated to include the new #27152 Reedy servo. You can send in your working or non-working engine, radio system, speed control, motor, starter box, or servo FROM ANY MANUFACTURER and exchange it towards the purchase of brand new Team Associated or Reedy equipment.
Exchange Program

Trail Tip Tuesday: In the days before LiPo batteries and brushless motors were common, knowing how to solder was a necessary skill to have in the RC hobby. These days, RTRs and plug-n-play electronics make soldering less necessary. However, it's a good skill to have if you ever need to re-attach a loose wire, install a motor that doesn't have pre-soldered wires, or plan to race competitively. Here are a few soldering basics.
Soldering Basics

We've created a lot of videos to help you get the most out of your car purchase. We've made a short list of popular vids and made a link to it under the RTR "Manuals and Setups" links.
Tips and Tricks Videos for RC Cars

A-Team Apps: updated the Spring Rate Charts with springs for more vehicles, including Element RC's 1:10 Enduro trucks.
Spring Rate Charts

Trail Tip Tuesday: Whether you're hitting the trails for the weekend or the day, it isn't just about enjoying time with your rig. It's also about enjoying the outdoors with friends and family. Spending that time outdoors does come with some responsibilities so that future generations can appreciate the outdoors just as much as you do. Here are a few things to keep in mind when taking your rig out on the trails.
Be Aware of the Environment

Trail Tip Tuesday: Whether it's a race car or crawler, building a kit for the first time can seem overwhelming. The key is to be organized and to follow these few simple steps.
5 Kit Building Tips

Trail Tip Tuesday: Having the right tires for crawling is probably the most important thing to have. But, if you don't know how to let those tires do what they're designed to do, you'll just be spinning your wheels. Knowing how much throttle and steering input to apply at a given time will greatly improve your rig's crawling ability.
Let The Tires Do The Work

December 2021

Trail Tip Tuesday: With the 2021 holiday season coming to an end, we're sure a lot of new RC hobbyist received the perfect gift this year. So, we thought we'd give you our Top 10 Trail Tip Tuesday videos of 2021 that every newcomer should watch.
Top 10 Beginner Tips of 2021

Trail Tip Tuesday: Being based in Southern California, we're lucky enough to be able to hit the trails all year round. But what about those who still want to brave cold the weather and do some crawling or trail running?
Cold Weather Crawling

Trail Tip Tuesday: Changing rims can alter the look of any rig and is one of the easiest modifications anyone can do. Finding the rim style you like can be tough when it comes to 1.55 sizes, since there are fewer choices. The good news though, is that 1.9 size rims can be used.
Rim and Tire Fitment

Trail Tip Tuesday: Most RTR vehicles run just fine with the stock setup. They have an equal balance of torque and speed to suit most people’s needs. However, sometimes you might want to change how fast the vehicle is or how much torque it has. There are a couple of ways to accomplish this. We’ll show you how.
Speed, Torque, and Gears

November 2021

Our eBay Clearance Store is now open! Will you be getting a new kit or RTR for Christmas? Stock up on competitive Reedy electronics! Just a reminder: Refurbished and discontinued items are on our eBay store, not on this site.
Team Associated Clearance

Trail Tip Tuesday: Scale accessories can add the finishing details to any rig or garage. Some of the easiest and least expensive scale accessories are the paper craft type. Items such as books, magazines, shipping boxes, and even RC kit boxes can all be made at home with just a few simple items. All you need is a color printer, paper, glue, thin cardboard, a hobby knife, and some patience. We'll show you how.
Paper Scale Accessories

Trail Tip Tuesday: There are a few things you should always check before you head out to the trail and when you get back. Doing so will ensure your rig performs well and that you will have a good time.
Before and After Trail Checklist

Trail Tip Tuesday: When you buy an RTR, it looks a lot like other people's vehicles and you may want to stand out from the rest. Or, after it's been banged around on the rocks a bit you might want to refresh the look. So, how do you make it different or give it a new look without having to buy another body? You repaint the RTR body, of course. We'll show you how.
Repaint RTR Bodies

Trail Tip Tuesday: As time goes on and your rig takes a few tumbles down the rocks, your polycarbonate body will take some damage. Or if you're a little heavy-handed with the hobby knife while masking that sweet paint job, the body can tear along the scored line. Repairing this sort of damage is easy.
Polycarbonate Body Repair

Trail Tip Tuesday: Bead lock wheels are designed to clamp the tire bead and prevent the tire from being ripped off the rim if the tire gets bound up. They also look really cool and allow you to change wheels or tires whenever you feel like. When assembled correctly, they can hold the tire bead really well. If not, the tire could come off the rim or get pinched and torn in the process. We'll show you how to assemble them.
Bead Lock Wheels

October 2021

Trail Tip Tuesday: Rubber-based glues, like E6000 or Shoe Goo, come in handy in the RC hobby. However, they can be a little messy to use. We'll show you how to keep the mess to a minimum.
Using Rubber Based Glue

Trail Tip Tuesday: There are advantages for using an Independent front suspension (IFS) or a solid axle. An IFS front end is good for higher speeds and has a scale appearance for modern off-road vehicles. A solid axle performs better when high ground clearance and extreme off-road agility are needed. You may want to swap out that IFS for a solid axle. With the Enduro chassis, that swap is easy to do. We'll show you how.
IFS to Solid Axle

Trail Tip Tuesday: Adding all the scale bits makes your rig look super cool. However, being able to see up through the fender and into the body ruins the scale look of any rig. Installing inner fenders is an easy way to complete the scale look of your rig. We’ll show you how.
Installing Inner Fenders

Trail Tip Tuesday: Staying hydrated is probably the most important tip when heading out on the trail with your rig. We know we've touched on this tip in our Packing For The Trail video, but thought it was important enough to have its own video.
Staying Hydrated

September 2021

Get the latest Blackbox Firmware Update page.
Blackbox Firmware Update

Trail Tip Tuesday: While attending one of the largest RC crawling events in Southern California, we decided to ask five manufacturer representatives what top trail tip they have to pass along to you.
What's Your Trail Tip?

RIVAL MT10 Video!
RIVAL MT10 1:10 scale monster truck

Trail Tip Tuesday: Sometimes the stock location for your electronics just doesn't work for the build you’re working on. Especially if you're going for a full 3D interior. Luckily, with every Element RC vehicle, you get a larger battery tray. This tray can be used to hold a shorty battery pack and ESC instead of a long standard battery. This moves all your electronics towards the front for a little more front-weight bias. In this video, we'll show you exactly what you need to do.
Relocating Electronics

New Video! The RB10 will perform on most surfaces you throw it at, from asphalt to dirt to prepared track surfaces. A good platform to try your skills out on the track.
RB10 1:10 scale off road RTR buggies

Trail Tip Tuesday: We all know how expensive the RC hobby can be. So, whenever there's a chance to spend less, we'll take it. Dollar stores are a great place to find inexpensive RC hobby items to help with organizing, cleaning, or building. Here are just a few ideas.
Dollar RC Shopping Ideas

The Exchange Program has been updated to include the new Reedy 1:8 servo. You can send in your working or non-working engine, radio system, speed control, motor, starter box, or servo FROM ANY MANUFACTURER and exchange it towards the purchase of brand new Team Associated or Reedy equipment.
Exchange Program

Trail Tip Tuesday: Sometimes you just want to add a custom touch to your build. What better way than to add custom weathered graphics? In this low-budget How-To, we show you how to add weathered logos or graphics to your RC build.
Custom Weathered Graphics

August 2021

Trail Tip Tuesday: The Ecto body is a great choice for any class-2 or class-3 comp rig. It's narrow, lightweight, and looks cool. (Depending on the offset of your wheels, it may not qualify for class-2 competition.) The polycarbonate body may not gain you a ton of scale points, but the addition of a lightweight interior will help. Whether or not you are competing, the addition of an interior can put the final touches on any rig. The interior from the Gatekeeper is a perfect fit for the Ecto and can also be used in other bodies as well with a few minor adjustments.
Installing Gatekeeper Interior in the Ecto Body

Trail Tip Tuesday: Having LEDs on your rig for night runs with your friends doesn't just look cool, but are necessary to light up the area around it. We're not talking about headlights and tail lights. We're talking about rock lights to light up the area around and below your rig.
Adding Rock Lights

Trail Tip Tuesday: The Knightrunner is the perfect vehicle for an overnight trip to search for UFOs around the famous Area 51 secret facility. Of course, for that overnight trip, you'll need a place to sleep. With the Front Runner bed rack and tent included, it’s no problem. And in case of a flash flood, the included snorkel will come in handy as well.
Bed Rack, Tent and Snorkel Install

Trail Tip Tuesday: Maintaining your axles will prevent premature breakage and ensures you’ll catch a potential problems before they happen on the trail. Keeping your axle gears well greased is important to limit wear and helps keep moisture out.
Axle Maintenance

The Exchange Program has been updated. Remember, you can send in your working or non-working engine, radio system, speed control, motor, starter box, or servo FROM ANY MANUFACTURER and exchange it towards the purchase of brand new Team Associated or Reedy equipment.
Exchange Program

Trail Tip Tuesday: Before hitting the trail, it's important to give your rig a thorough check. Just because something didn't fall off or break the previous time out, it doesn't mean something is not now loose or ready to break.
Pre-Trail Check

July 2021

Trail Tip Tuesday: When it comes to scale builds, adding realistic details will set your build apart from others. One such detail is rust. Having realistic looking rust can take your weathered paint scheme to the next level. When it comes to adding rust, there are a couple of ways to go about it.
Adding Rust Details

Trail Tip Tuesday: RC batteries are one of the rig's most important items.