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December 2021

Trail Tip Tuesday: Most RTR vehicles run just fine with the stock setup. They have an equal balance of torque and speed to suit most people’s needs. However, sometimes you might want to change how fast the vehicle is or how much torque it has. There are a couple of ways to accomplish this. We’ll show you how.
Speed, Torque, and Gears

November 2021

Our eBay Clearance Store is now open! Will you be getting a new kit or RTR for Christmas? Stock up on competitive Reedy electronics! Just a reminder: Refurbished and discontinued items are on our eBay store, not on this site.
Team Associated Clearance

Trail Tip Tuesday: Scale accessories can add the finishing details to any rig or garage. Some of the easiest and least expensive scale accessories are the paper craft type. Items such as books, magazines, shipping boxes, and even RC kit boxes can all be made at home with just a few simple items. All you need is a color printer, paper, glue, thin cardboard, a hobby knife, and some patience. We'll show you how.
Paper Scale Accessories

Trail Tip Tuesday: There are a few things you should always check before you head out to the trail and when you get back. Doing so will ensure your rig performs well and that you will have a good time.
Before and After Trail Checklist

Trail Tip Tuesday: When you buy an RTR, it looks a lot like other people's vehicles and you may want to stand out from the rest. Or, after it's been banged around on the rocks a bit you might want to refresh the look. So, how do you make it different or give it a new look without having to buy another body? You repaint the RTR body, of course. We'll show you how.
Repaint RTR Bodies

Trail Tip Tuesday: As time goes on and your rig takes a few tumbles down the rocks, your polycarbonate body will take some damage. Or if you're a little heavy-handed with the hobby knife while masking that sweet paint job, the body can tear along the scored line. Repairing this sort of damage is easy.
Polycarbonate Body Repair

Trail Tip Tuesday: Bead lock wheels are designed to clamp the tire bead and prevent the tire from being ripped off the rim if the tire gets bound up. They also look really cool and allow you to change wheels or tires whenever you feel like. When assembled correctly, they can hold the tire bead really well. If not, the tire could come off the rim or get pinched and torn in the process. We'll show you how to assemble them.
Bead Lock Wheels

October 2021

Trail Tip Tuesday: Rubber-based glues, like E6000 or Shoe Goo, come in handy in the RC hobby. However, they can be a little messy to use. We'll show you how to keep the mess to a minimum.
Using Rubber Based Glue

Trail Tip Tuesday: There are advantages for using an Independent front suspension (IFS) or a solid axle. An IFS front end is good for higher speeds and has a scale appearance for modern off-road vehicles. A solid axle performs better when high ground clearance and extreme off-road agility are needed. You may want to swap out that IFS for a solid axle. With the Enduro chassis, that swap is easy to do. We'll show you how.
IFS to Solid Axle

Trail Tip Tuesday: Adding all the scale bits makes your rig look super cool. However, being able to see up through the fender and into the body ruins the scale look of any rig. Installing inner fenders is an easy way to complete the scale look of your rig. We’ll show you how.
Installing Inner Fenders

Trail Tip Tuesday: Staying hydrated is probably the most important tip when heading out on the trail with your rig. We know we've touched on this tip in our Packing For The Trail video, but thought it was important enough to have its own video.
Staying Hydrated

September 2021

Get the latest Blackbox Firmware Update page.
Blackbox Firmware Update

Trail Tip Tuesday: While attending one of the largest RC crawling events in Southern California, we decided to ask five manufacturer representatives what top trail tip they have to pass along to you.
What's Your Trail Tip?

RIVAL MT10 Video!
RIVAL MT10 1:10 scale monster truck

Trail Tip Tuesday: Sometimes the stock location for your electronics just doesn't work for the build you’re working on. Especially if you're going for a full 3D interior. Luckily, with every Element RC vehicle, you get a larger battery tray. This tray can be used to hold a shorty battery pack and ESC instead of a long standard battery. This moves all your electronics towards the front for a little more front-weight bias. In this video, we'll show you exactly what you need to do.
Relocating Electronics

New Video! The RB10 will perform on most surfaces you throw it at, from asphalt to dirt to prepared track surfaces. A good platform to try your skills out on the track.
RB10 1:10 scale off road RTR buggies

Trail Tip Tuesday: We all know how expensive the RC hobby can be. So, whenever there's a chance to spend less, we'll take it. Dollar stores are a great place to find inexpensive RC hobby items to help with organizing, cleaning, or building. Here are just a few ideas.
Dollar RC Shopping Ideas

The Exchange Program has been updated to include the new Reedy 1:8 servo. You can send in your working or non-working engine, radio system, speed control, motor, starter box, or servo FROM ANY MANUFACTURER and exchange it towards the purchase of brand new Team Associated or Reedy equipment.
Exchange Program

Trail Tip Tuesday: Sometimes you just want to add a custom touch to your build. What better way than to add custom weathered graphics? In this low-budget How-To, we show you how to add weathered logos or graphics to your RC build.
Custom Weathered Graphics

August 2021

Trail Tip Tuesday: The Ecto body is a great choice for any class-2 or class-3 comp rig. It's narrow, lightweight, and looks cool. (Depending on the offset of your wheels, it may not qualify for class-2 competition.) The polycarbonate body may not gain you a ton of scale points, but the addition of a lightweight interior will help. Whether or not you are competing, the addition of an interior can put the final touches on any rig. The interior from the Gatekeeper is a perfect fit for the Ecto and can also be used in other bodies as well with a few minor adjustments.
Installing Gatekeeper Interior in the Ecto Body

Trail Tip Tuesday: Having LEDs on your rig for night runs with your friends doesn't just look cool, but are necessary to light up the area around it. We're not talking about headlights and tail lights. We're talking about rock lights to light up the area around and below your rig.
Adding Rock Lights

Trail Tip Tuesday: The Knightrunner is the perfect vehicle for an overnight trip to search for UFOs around the famous Area 51 secret facility. Of course, for that overnight trip, you'll need a place to sleep. With the Front Runner bed rack and tent included, it’s no problem. And in case of a flash flood, the included snorkel will come in handy as well.
Bed Rack, Tent and Snorkel Install

Trail Tip Tuesday: Maintaining your axles will prevent premature breakage and ensures you’ll catch a potential problems before they happen on the trail. Keeping your axle gears well greased is important to limit wear and helps keep moisture out.
Axle Maintenance

The Exchange Program has been updated. Remember, you can send in your working or non-working engine, radio system, speed control, motor, starter box, or servo FROM ANY MANUFACTURER and exchange it towards the purchase of brand new Team Associated or Reedy equipment.
Exchange Program

Trail Tip Tuesday: Before hitting the trail, it's important to give your rig a thorough check. Just because something didn't fall off or break the previous time out, it doesn't mean something is not now loose or ready to break.
Pre-Trail Check

July 2021

Trail Tip Tuesday: When it comes to scale builds, adding realistic details will set your build apart from others. One such detail is rust. Having realistic looking rust can take your weathered paint scheme to the next level. When it comes to adding rust, there are a couple of ways to go about it.
Adding Rust Details

Trail Tip Tuesday: RC batteries are one of the rig's most important items. Without them, your vehicle won’t go. Taking care of them and using them properly will make them last a long time.
5 Battery Care Tips

Trail Tip Tuesday: One of the easiest improvements you can make to your rig is adding weight. Adding weight allows you to alter the center of gravity of your rig by keeping it low to the ground. Is there such a thing as adding too much weight? The answer is yes. Check out this video to see why.
Adding Weights

Reedy Sport and Competition LiPo batteries can now be filtered by 1S, 2S, 3S, and 4S buttons.
Filtering Reedy batteries

Trail Tip Tuesday: If you are new to the RC hobby, then you’ve probably noticed all the different adhesives we use. Each adhesive has a specific purpose and should be used accordingly. In this quick guide, we go over the different adhesives and what they're typically used for.
Beginner's Guide to RC Adhesives

June 2021

Trail Tip Tuesday: With summer here we all want to run our RC cars outdoors in the mountains, rivers, and beaches. Most electronics are fine in water an inch or two deep for very short periods. BUT what if you want to do some hardcore trail runs that require your rig to be practically submerged? Well, here are a couple of tips to greatly reduce the chances of damaging your electronics.
Prepping Your Electronics for Water

Trail Tip Tuesday: Most of us spend lots of our hard-earned money upgrading and customizing our RC cars and trucks. When RC crawling, the type of shoes we choose should be just as important as the type of tires we run on our rigs. It can mean the difference between a sprained (or worse, broken) ankle and a fun day with friends. In today's Trail Tip Tuesday, we talk about the right type of shoe to wear when walking on uneven terrain with your RC trail truck.
Wearing the Proper Shoes

Trail Tip Tuesday: Factory Team high clearance links are the perfect upgrade to gain performance out of your rig. They prevent the lower links from hanging up on the crest of a climb or descent.
Installing the Factory Team High Clearance Links

Trail Tip Tuesday: In today's Trail Tip Tuesday video, we'll be showing you how to install the GKS trailing arms on a standard Enduro chassis. This video will focus on keeping the standard Enduro floorboards. You can swap the floorboards for the GKS ones if your particular build requires it.
Installing the GKS trailing arms on the standard Enduro chassis

Trail Tip Tuesday: The Reedy 324-S Compact Balance Charger is an inexpensive, versatile, easy-to-use charger that is included in a lot of our RTR combo vehicles (also available separately). In this video we show you how to use it.
Reedy 324-S Compact Balance Charger

Just a reminder: Refurbished and discontinued items are on our eBay store, not on this site. NEW THIS WEK! We have several more Kits and RTRs on hand at great prices!
Team Associated Clearance

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