NEW! More Washer Sizes for 1:10 and 1:8 Vehicles

Tuesday, Jul 16, 2019 at 12:00am UTC

(Pictured above: #31389 washers installed on the RC8B3.1.)

These washer sizes work great as rear hub spacers (for adjusting the wheelbase) on the RC8B3 and RC8T3 series vehicles.

Thicknesses range from .5mm, 1mm, and 2mm. Use them on your 1:10 or 1:8 vehicle wherever you need to tune your shimming.

Washers, 7.8x3.5x0.5mm, blue aluminum
UPC: 784695 313873
Available Now

Washers, 7.8x3.5x1.0mm, blue aluminum
UPC: 784695 313880
Available Now

Washers, 7.8x3.5x2.0mm, blue aluminum
UPC: 784695 313897
Available Now

More washer sizes available here.