Reedy SC1500-BL Sensorless Brushless ESC

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  • LiPo low-voltage protection
  • LiPo cell auto-detect
  • Fully proportional brakes
  • Durable case with aluminum heat sink
  • Pre-wired cooling fan
  • Water-resistant
  • Heavy-duty silicone wires
  • Low-resistance T-plug connector
  • 4.0mm motor connectors

Suitable for a variety of vehicles where ultimate power output is desired

The all-new Reedy SC1500-BL brushless ESC is water-resistant for maximum durability. Its robust design installs in most 1:8 buggies, truggies, monster trucks, and short course trucks. When paired with a Reedy 680-SL4 brushless motor, a potent combination of power and efficiency is created, resulting in quick acceleration, high top speeds, generous run times, and more fun!

This powerful, wheelie-inducing ESC with the #27468 680-SL4 2100kV Sensorless Brushless Motor comes standard in Team Associated's MT8 monster truck, but the combination is suitable for a variety of vehicles where ultimate power output is desired.

Cells:3-6 LiPo, 8-18 NiMH
Suggested Applications:1:8 Buggy, Truggy, Monster Truck, SCT
Resistance:0.00035 ohm
Motor Limit, 4S LiPo:3000kV
Motor Limit, 6S LiPo:2400kV
Low Voltage Cutoff:Yes w/Cell Auto-Detect
Dimensions (mm):59.5 x 48 x 42
Power Wires:12-gauge silicone
Connector:Battery: T-plug. Motor: 4.0mm sockets.
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