Blackbox 850R Competition ESC, Drag Racing Version

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  • 2S 1:10 drag racing firmware pre-installed
  • CNC machined black aluminum case with integrated heat sink
  • Fully adjustable brake, throttle, power, and safety functions*
  • Precision throttle and brake control
  • Ultra-low resistance FET board
  • Solder tabs w/heavy-duty power wires
  • Integrated power capacitors
  • 30mm fan
  • RPM and ESC temp data logging*
  • Firmware updateable*
  • *Requires #27027 Blackbox PROgrammer2

Highly durable option for 1:10 drag racers using 2S batteries

Reedy's Blackbox 850R Competition ESC is now available with pre-installed 2S 1:10 drag racing firmware. Install the 850R in your favorite drag chassis and you are ready to launch!

Tested and competition proven, Reedy's Blackbox 850R is a versatile and powerful ESC capable of winning at the highest levels of competition. With the same adjustability and tuning options as Reedy's Blackbox 510R ESC, the 850R becomes a highly durable option for 1:10 drag racers using 2S batteries.

With the #27027 Blackbox PROgrammer2, the full potential of the 850R can be exploited. The 850R includes two modes that can be modified and saved independently from one another. Standard mode offers a wide variety of tuning options while Expert mode takes it one step further and opens additional options for more experienced racers and/or racing classes that allow advanced timing settings.

The following functions can be modified and saved using the Blackbox PROgrammer2:

Overall brake strength, frequency, drag brake, initial brake, and punch can be fine-tuned to perfect brake performance and feel in different vehicles and track conditions. Dynamic Drag Brake settings function allows users to add additional drag brake when conditions make it advantageous.

Drive frequency, punch, initial throttle, current limit, and dead band adjustability make the perfect setup possible regardless of the type of motor chosen and the class being raced.

Motor Power
Advanced acceleration boost and top speed timing settings are imperative in classes where ESC timing is permitted. Each setting can be used individually or together to achieve maximum power speed. When in Standard tuning mode, timing adjustments are simplified for newer users or where maximum power and tunability are no required.

Miscellaneous Control
Select between Forward/Brake or Forward/Brake/Reverse mode and adjust the BEC output voltage depending on the type of servo used and desired servo speed. Adjust the desired low voltage cutoff or disable it completely. The temperature at which the ESC cuts motor power due to overheating can also be adjusted or disabled. Reversing the rotation of the motor is also possible.

Voltage input:2S LiPo
On resistance (milliOhms):0.36
Continuous current (A):150
Dimensions (mm):56 x 46 x 37
Weight w/o wires & fan (g):131
Motor limit:2.5 turns
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