Reedy SC600-BL2 Sensorless Brushless ESC

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  • Programmable performance functions
  • LiPo cell auto-detection
  • Fully proportional brakes
  • Durable case with aluminum heat sink
  • Pre-wired cooling fan
  • Waterproof
  • Heavy-duty silicone wires
  • Low-resistance T-plug connector
  • 3.5mm motor connectors
  • Optional #27019 BL2 Program Card

Fully programmable to extract maximum performance

The Reedy SC600-BL2 Brushless ESC is fully programmable using the on-board SET button or optional #27019 BL2 Program Card to extract maximum performance and waterproofing for improved durability. The latest electronics technology along with the design and engineering experience that is responsible for 30 World Championship titles has been incorporated into its design.

Its robust design installs in most 1:10 vehicles including buggies, stadium trucks, 2WD and 4WD short course trucks, monster trucks, and touring cars. When paired with Reedy brushless motors, a potent combination of power and efficiency is created, resulting in quick acceleration, high top speeds, generous run times, and more fun!

Programmable Functions:

Running Mode
Select between Forward/Brake or Forward/Brake/Reverse modes.

Drag Brake Force
Adjust the automatic braking force generated by the motor when the throttle trigger is returned to neutral position.

Low Voltage Cutoff
Use to prevent excessive discharge of lithium batteries which can damage them permanently.

Punch Control
Change throttle response depending on the vehicle being used and the surface being driven on.

Max. Brake Force
Adjust the percentage of available braking power when full brake is applied.

Cells:2-3 LiPo
Suggested Applications:1:10 Buggy, Truck, Monster Truck, and Touring Car
Continuous Current:60A
Motor Limit, 2S LiPo:6000kV
Motor Limit, 3S LiPo:3500kV
Reversible:Yes, F/B or F/B/R mode
Low Voltage Cutoff:Yes, with Cell Auto-Detect
Dimensions (mm):46 x 36.5 x 35.5
Power Wires:13-gauge silicone
Programming Method:SET button, LED Program Card
Connector:Battery: T-plug. Motor: 3.5mm sockets.
Part #: 27019
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