Reedy SC480X Program Card

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Reedy SC480X Program Card

The pre-programmed default ESC settings work very well in most situations, but if you want access to additional settings for fine-tuning, you can do so using optional Program Card (#27034). The following settings can be changed using the Program Card:

Initial Drive: Throttle applied the moment the trigger is moved from the neutral position to the throttle range.
Low-Voltage Cutoff: The cell voltage at which the ESC will shut off to protect the battery.
Drag Brake: The brake force applied when the throttle trigger is returned to the neutral position.
Max Reverse Power: The maximum reverse speed allowed relative to the forward speed.
Punch Control: The aggressiveness of the application of throttle.

HEADER:Setting / Value
Initial Drive:2%, 5%*, 10%, 15%
Low Voltage Cutoff (V/cell):3.2, 3.3, 3.4*
Drag Brake:0%, 50%, 75%, 100%*
Max Reverse Power:50%, 75%*, 100%
Punch Control:Soft*, Medium, Strong
HEADER:*Default setting

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