Reedy Sonic SP5 17.5T Euro Spec

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  • CNC-machined housing with optimized air cooling
  • Custom high-power stator design
  • Low-resistance solder tabs and collector ring
  • Balanced rotor with high-strength magnet
  • Dual precision ball bearings
  • Aluminum end cap with adjustable timing
  • Completely rebuildable
  • Competition proven
  • Built to BRCA, EFRA, and IFMAR specifications

The heat-transfer epoxy coating has been eliminated in the Euro-spec version

Reedy's all-new Sonic SP5 Euro-spec stock motors are now available! Due to slight difference between European and US rules, a small change to the factory build sheet is required. Only the heat-transfer epoxy coating has been eliminated in the Euro-spec version. Otherwise, both versions are identical.

The incredible performance of the SP5 starts at the heart of the motor--the stator. Designed in-house, the stator's profile is intended to achieve maximum torque and power output without sacrificing RPM. High-quality copper magnet wire, sized to the maximum that the rules allow and wound with care to keep resistance near the legal minimum, is a key factor in achieving maximum performance. An oversized collector ring not only dissipates heat, but in conjunction with thick solder tabs, reduces resistance and power loss.

A balanced rotor features a high-strength magnet that takes full advantage of dimensional rules to produce fade-free power with maximum effectiveness. The rotor is supported by precision stainless steel ball bearings to accommodate high RPM loads with exceptional efficiency and reliability. Like all Reedy Sonic motors, a high-quality sensor board rounds out the motor's interior.

Externally, the SP5 utilizes a lightweight two-piece CNC-machined aluminum housing with an aluminum endcap and timing adjustability to accommodate fine-tuning for specific applications. This lightweight package is a welcome way to improve vehicle handling while improving chassis tuning flexibility.

Visit for a complete list of tuning rotors and replacement/option parts.

Cells:1-2S LiPo
Diameter (mm):35.9
Length (mm):52.5
Shaft Dia. (mm):3.15
Weight (g):147-151

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