Reedy Sonic 540-FT Fixed-Timing 21.5 Competition Brushless Motor

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  • CNC-machined lightweight can
  • Solder tabs
  • Dual precision ball bearings
  • High-strength, balanced rotor
  • Fixed timing 45 deg.
  • Includes 200mm sensor wire
  • Built to ROAR specs

The perfect motor for racers, clubs, and racing series

Thanks to positive feedback from our customers, Reedy's Sonic 540-FT sensored motor is now available in a 21.5-turn version! Because 21.5-turn motors are commonly used in GT and Formula classes, and emerging as the entry-level option for the Touring Car class, they are becoming increasingly popular among racers.

Eliminate the "motor-of-the-week" madness infecting the stock classes! Designed for performance and value, the Sonic 540-FT is the perfect motor for racers, clubs, and racing series that want to equalize performance among participants at an economical price.

Cells:1-2S LiPoDiameter (mm)
Diameter (mm):35.8
Length (mm):51.8
Shaft Dia. (mm):3.15
Weight (g):175
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