Reedy WolfPack LiPo 2600mAh 35C 11.1V, 28.86Wh, T-plug

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  • High capacity for extended run times
  • Generous discharge rating increases power and speed
  • Durable hard case for increased crash protection
  • eliable operation and maximum cycle-life
  • Low-resistance T-plug connector
  • Rubber gasket wire protection
  • Value priced

Generous discharge rating increases power and speed

Reedy's all-new WolfPack 2600mAh 35C 3S battery is a powerful upgrade for 1:10 vehicles. Compared to 2S batteries, this 3S option delivers more voltage, resulting in more power, speed, and FUN! Wires exit the case through a rubber gasket that protects the wire's insulation while helping to prevent moisture from entering the case. High quality cell manufacturing and construction techniques result in reliable operation and maximum cycle-life.

Reedy's WolfPack LiPo batteries come equipped with beefy silicone wires and a reliable, low-resistance T-plug connector. An integrated balance lead with XH connector is included.

LiPo battery technology continues to progress and Reedy is proud to bring improved performance to the masses.

Voltage:11.1V (3S)
Dimensions (mm):139 x 47 x 25.1
Discharge Current:35C
Weight (g):240
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