New Factory Team Parts for the DR10, SR10, RB10, and Pro2 SC10

Monday, Jan 24, 2022 at 12:00am UTC

(Pictured: 72011 DR10 FT Rear Hub Set, blue aluminum.)

These new Factory Team parts were designed to add adjustability and increase the durability of your Team Associated Kit or RTR.

Highly adjustable C and D arm mounts and rear hubs allow for fine tuning toe, anti-squat, and roll centers to make your vehicle perform as desired on any surface you drive.

All of these parts fit: #70020, #70021 Pro2 SC10; #70025-#70028 DR10 RTR; #70036 DR10 Reakt Pro Mod RTR; #70030 SR10 RTR; #90031, #90032 RB10 RTR

UPC Part # Name Available
784695720084 #72008 DR10 FT Arm Mount C, aluminum Available Now
784695720091 #72009 DR10 FT Arm Mount D, aluminum Available Now
784695720107 #72010 DR10 FT Servo Mount Set, aluminum Available Now
784695720114 #72011 DR10 FT Rear Hub Set, blue aluminum February
784695720121 #72012 DR10 Arm Mount Inserts Available Now
784695720138 #72013 DR10 Rear Hub Shims and Inserts Available Now
784695720145 #72014 DR10 FT Arm Mount Set, aluminum Available Now