New! More Factory Team Apex2 Performance Parts

Tuesday, Aug 22, 2023 at 12:00am UTC

(Pictured: Shock and anti-roll bar sets installed on the Apex2.).

#31926 Apex2 FT Fluid-Filled Shock Set (no fluid included)
These shocks have undergone years of development for unmatched race-winning performance and silky-smooth operation. Equipped with Factory Team anodized aluminum shock bodies, steel pivot balls, and steel shock bushings, these pre-assembled shocks are ready for action. Just fill them with the Factory Team silicone shock fluid (not included) of your choice.

Apex2 FT Fluid-Filled Shock Set (no fluid included)
UPC: 784695319264
Available September 2023

#31927 Apex2 FT Anti-roll Bar Set
Made for the Apex2 and Apex 2 Sport chassis, this anti-roll bar set sharpens the handling and reduces chassis roll in high-traction situations. It's easy to install and is the perfect upgrade to improve the performance of your car.

Apex2 FT Anti-roll Bar Set
UPC: 784695319271
Available September 2023

Perfect for all Apex2 vehicles.