RC10's Sweep First ROAR Nationals

Jammin' Jay Halsey

Jamin' Jay Haley Wins 1:10 Scale Stock & Modified Classes

Racing with the Team, Vol. 6, No. 1, Summer 1984.
Editor, Matt Azara. Publisher, Roger Curtis.
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Associated's new RC 10 off road car won everything at the first ever ROAR Off Road Nationals. The Nationals were held in Vineland, New Jersey R/C Racing Association. With the best racers from coast to coast competing, the competition was tough, but Gil Losi Jr, with his RC10, was Top Qualifier in both Stock and Modified classes.

Jamin' Jay Halsey won the Stock class with Losi Jr in 2nd, Tony Neisinger in 3rd and Curtis Husting in 4th. Then Jamin' Jay Halsey came from a last place start in the Modified class, to pass all the 4 wheel drive cars and win the Modified class. A very impressive showing by The Team.

A great deal of credit must not only go to the drivers but to Roger Curtis who designed the RC10 and to Curtis Husting who did all the prototype machining.

Feature Article, 1984

Racing with the Team, Vol. 6, No. 1, Summer 1984.

Racing with the Team

Editor, Matt Azara. Publisher, Roger Curtis.
Article below appeared on page 2.

Racing with the Team

Jammin' Jay Halsey, far left, won both Stock and Modified classes at the ROAR Off Road Nationals. Gil Losi Jr. (second from left) was Top Qualifier in both classes and finished 2nd in Stock. Tony Neisinger (third from left) was 3rd in Stock, and Curtis Husting was 4th.

Racing with the Team

The first-ever ROAR 1:10 Off Road Nationals was held in Vineland, New Jersey, July, 1984.

1:10 Off Road Car

After what seemed like years of waiting and endless questions of "When are ya gonna..." or "How come you don't...", Associated is ready to release on the growing 1/10 Off Road Racing World its latest creation, the RC10 Off Road Car. Actually, the delays were well planned periods of highly secretive R&D but the product of the factory's effort should prove well worth the wait.

Company President and resident design genius Roger Curtis, who laid out the RC12i road car, again acted as Project Designer with the assistance of some of the world's top racers who provided exhaustive testing support. The result is the most well-engineered and sophisticated race car in the off-road world.

The RC10 features an aluminum monocoque tub formed from aircraft quality T-6 material, channeled for strength and rigidity. The tub is then heat treated for added strength. This monocoque tub design, you may already know, is "state-of-the-art" in Formula I, Can-Am, Indy, and all other forms of high-tech 1:1 racing. Designed for countersunk screws to avoid hanging up if bottomed out, it is an exceptionally light, strong, and rigid unit. The aluminum material also allows outstanding heat dissipation for the batteries, motor, and resistor while functioning as a 'radio-box' to protect delicate gear which is enclosed by a Lexan cover included in the kit.

The RC10 race-ready suspension is designed for maximum travel and features a sophisticated "lower A-arm, upper I-arm" design fully adjustable for static camber and camber rise. Fabricated of the now familiar white nylon so successful in the 1/12 electric and 1/8 gas road racing cars, the front end allows easy adjustment of caster, toe-in, ackermann, and other geometry changes.

Suspension front and rear is damped by custom designed coil-over shock absorbers of lightweight machined aluminum with drill blank p8iston shafts for long life an smooth operation. All 4 shocks are adjustable for ride height and spring rate and designed to allow easy access to the oil chamber for filling.

The RC10 gear box is sealed to keep out the dirt and features a Vari-lok Ball Differential that uses all standard Associated gears for a wide variation in available final ratios. The 'diff' is housed under a Lexan cover for quick gear changes and slip adjustment. The package is completed by case-hardened steel U-joints and half shafts to get the power to the wheels.

Competition designed lightweight modular wheels are still another feature of the all new RC10. Rear wheels use a tapered hub and pinlock design for perfect alignment and easy removal which is further aided by racing style knockoffs that eliminate the need for tools.

The RC10 uses Team Associated's track tested and proven Yokomo off road motor with spring loaded brush tubes for added performance and reliability.

So there you have it - worth waiting for, wasn't it? Keep your eyes on your local hobby dealers shelves or call us direct to find out how you can get your hands on 1/10 scale off road racing's most hi-tech, state-of-the-art racing machine.