Discontinued Item Downloads

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Early Exploded Drawings

Name Link
1990 RC10 Championship Edition manual 10ce90_manuala.pdf pt 1
10ce90_manualb.pdf pt 2
10ce90_manualc.pdf pt 3
10ce90_manuald.pdf pt 4
Tub RC10GT manual Assembly Instructions, pt 1Assembly Instructions, pt 2Engine Instructions
#3020 TC3 Rally Conversion Kit manual 3020.pdf
RC10L2 manual 10l2_manual.pdf
RC10L3-Oval manual 10l3o_manual.pdf
RC10L3-Touring manual 10l3t_manual.pdf
RC10L4-Oval manual 10l4o_manual.pdf
RC10L manual 10l_manual.pdf
RC10LS manual 10ls_manual.pdf
RC10LSS manual 10lss_manuala.pdf pt 1
10lss_manualb.pdf pt 2
RC10T manual 10t_manuala.pdf pt 1
10t_manualb.pdf pt 2
10t_manuala.pdf pt 3
RC10T2 manual 10t2_manual.pdf
RC10T3 manual t3rtr_manual.pdf
RC12e manual 12e_manual.pdf
RC12i manual 12i_manual.pdf
RC12L3 manual 12l3_manual.pdf
RC12L3-Oval manual 12l3o_manual.pdf
RC12L manual 12l_manual.pdf
RC12LC manual 12lc_manual.pdf
RC12LS manual 12ls_manual.pdf
RC12LW manual 12lw_manuala.pdf pt 1
12lw_manualb.pdf pt 2
RC300 manual 300_manual.pdf
RC500 manual 500_manuala.pdf pt 1
500_manualb.pdf pt 2
#5515 RC500 4WD Conversion Kit manual 5515_rc500-4wd-conv-kit-manual.pdf
RC10 Championship Edition exploded drawings 10ce_old.pdf
RC10L exploded drawings drawing_10l.pdf
RC12e exploded drawings drawing_12e.pdf
RC12L4 exploded drawings drawing_12l4.pdf/a>
RC12L, RC12LW exploded drawings drawing_12l.12lw.pdf
RC12LS exploded drawings drawing_12ls.pdf
RC12R5 exploded drawings drawing_12r5.pdf
RC10B3 parts drawings (and parts listing) drawing_b3.pdf
RC10B4 exploded drawings drawing_b4.pdf
RC10B4 FT exploded drawings drawing_b4ft.pdf
RC10B4RS exploded drawings drawing_b4rs.pdf
RC10B4 RTR exploded drawings drawing_b4rtr.pdf
RC10B4 RTR SE exploded drawings drawing_b4rtrse.pdf
RC10GT (flat chassis) exploded drawings drawing_gt.pdf
RC10T4 exploded drawings drawing_t4.pdf
RC500 catalog cat_rc500.pdf
RC500 catalog 2 cat_rc500-old.pdf
Yokomo YZ-10 catalog (possibly 1988) yokomo-yz10-parts.pdf

Engine and Motor-related Documents

Name Link
Team Associated .12/.15/.18 engines 12.15.18_manual.pdf
Team Associated 8.0 Pro (.50ci) Engine, #25480 50_engine.pdf
Team Associated 4.60 Pro, .28 Pro Engine Manual, #25352-25354 4.60_.28_manual.pdf
Team Associated .21 Engine, #25300 25300_manual.pdf
Team Associated .15X Engine, #2915, 2916 2915x_2916x_manual.pdf
Team Associated .15 Engine, #2900 2900_manual.pdf
How to Oil the #2900 One-way 2900_oil_oneway.pdf
How to Oil the #2900 One-way 2900_oil_oneway.pdf
How to Cut the Crankshaft howto_cutcrank.pdf
Reedy #802 Reedy 121VS Engine Reedy-121VS-Engine-Manual.pdf
Reedy #801 121VR-ST .21 Engine 121VR-ST .21 Engine
Reedy #800 121VR Engine 800_121vr_manual.pdf
Soldering the #6520 Capacitors to Electric Brushed Motors.pdf 6520-solder_caps.pdf
Reedy Sonic 540 and 550 Spec Charts. For motors 940-952. Sonic-540-550-Spec-Chart.pdf
#SP19 Motor instructions sp19_motor.pdf

Catalog Listings of Reedy Products

Name Link
Catalog Listings of Early Reedy Motors old-Reedy-motors.pdf
Reedy 1999 Catalog Reedy-1999-catalog.pdf
Reedy 2003 Catalog Reedy-2003-catalog.pdf
Reedy 2005 Catalog Reedy-2005-catalog.pdf
Reedy 2006 Catalog Reedy-2006-catalog.pdf
Reedy 2014 Catalog Reedy-2014-catalog.pdf

Radio & Servo-related Documents

Name Link
Repairing a Beeping Radio jaguar_beeping_repair.pdf
#29120 XP2 Radio, #29121 XP3 Radio radio.29120.29121-xp2_manual.pdf
#29221 XP3-SS Radio 29221_xp3ss_manual.pdf
#29131 SHV1504 Servo 29131_SHV-XPservo.pdf
#29156 XP3D Radio radio.xp3d.pdf
#29218 XP2-SSi Radio, #29219 XP3-SSi Radio 29218.29219_XP2-XP3-SSi_manual.pdf
Blazer Sport Radio radio.BlazerSport_Manual.pdf
Jaguar Radio radio.jaguar_manual.pdf
Lynx AM Radio radio.lynxam_manual.pdf
Lynx Sport Radio radio.lynxsport_manual.pdf

Battery Charger Documents

Name Link
Reedy Quasar Pro Charger, #611, #612 611charger.pdf

Spare Parts Documents

Name Link
Misc. 1:12 scale documents 1.12-misc-inst.pdf
#1728 NTC3 One-way instructions 1728_ntc3one-way.pdf
#2272 NTC3 One-speed instructions 2272_ntc3_1speed.pdf
#2284 Two-speed instructions 2284_2-speed.pdf
#3905 TC3 Shock instructions 3905_TC3shocks.pdf
#3938 TC3 One-way Front Differential instructions 3938.pdf
#3978 TC3 Heavy-duty One-way instructions 3978_tc3one-way.pdf
#6193 Wing Things instructions 6193_wingthings.pdf
#7200 Truck Front Suspension Kit instructions 7200.PDF
#7532 RC10GT Servo Saver Kit instructions 7532.pdf
#7621, 7622 Clutch Kit instructions 7621_ClutchKit.pdf
#7671 Replacement Transmission for the RC10GT 7671_gt_tranny.pdf
#7712, 7713, 7714 Carburetor Restrictor instructions 7712_carbrestrictor.pdf
#7721 Tank Insert instructions 7721_tankinsert.pdf
#8400 RC10L Front Suspension Kit instructions 8400.pdf
#8455 VCS Macro Shock Kit instructions 8455.pdf
#8485, 8486 10L3 Oval Chassis Kit instructions 8485_L3o_chas_kit.pdf
#8912 NDS Sport Muffler 8912_muffler.pdf
#9350 2.4:1 Transmission manual (B2, B3, T3) 9350.pdf
#31068, 31069 TC4 Rear Arm Mount instructions 31068.31069_tc4_armmount.pdf
#89491 RC8B Suspension Upgrade Kit instructions 89491_rc8b-susp-upgrade.pdf
#SP415 How to Assemble the Car Carrier Box sp415_how-to-assemble.pdf

Other Early Documents

Name Link
1:18 Scale Conversion Guide convert_mini.pdf
RC10DS and RC10NDS Tuning Tips DS.NDS.Tuning.pdf

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