Mobile App Privacy Policy

Collection of Data.

Team Associated's mobile apps do not collect personally identifiable data (information that could identify a user). Therefore they do not and cannot share a device users' private information with Team Associated or other users. With the exception of emails initiated by the user, such as through tapping on the Contact Us button, Team Associated mobile apps do not send information from the app back to Team Associated or to third-party sites, including information about financial or health issues, user-entered database information, phone and email numbers, contacts, phone logs, text messages, web browsing history or location information, audio, video, or camera photos. Team Associated does not track the location of its users.

However, app stores do retrieve information about purchases and downloads for business-reporting purposes and statistics, such as information on sales, device types, number of downloads, user comments on the app store, and operating systems used. This information does not include personally identifiable data. App stores do not send Team Associated personally identifiable information on its users. A notable exception would be that Team Associated will retain information a user submits about himself or herself when clicking on a Support or Contact Us link in the app to contact Team Associated.

App Security.

Associated apps contain fields in which users can enter private, user-identifiable information and retain it for future use. The user may elect to have the information stored in a cloud-based server. This third-party storage is not guaranteed by Team Associated to be secure. App security is notoriously poor on mobile devices. If you wish to protect the information from casual theft, turn on password protection and never let the device out of your sight when loaning the device to another person. Equipment is available to steal the device's information within seconds even after the device has been turned off!

Retention of User-entered Information.

Due to changes in the device software by device and operating system manufacturers, retention of user-entered data is not guaranteed. It is recommended that data is exported as often as reasonably possible after significant entries have been made. We are not responsible for the loss of or corruption of user-entered data.