Website Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find an instruction manual for my part?

  1. If you need a manual or other document for your vehicle, first open the page for your vehicle under Cars & Trucks, then click on the "Manuals & Setups" link at left.
  2. If you need a manual or instructions for a spare part, such as an engine, you will find it under the "Documents" tab on the detail page for the product. Example of detail page.
  3. If you need a manual or instructions for a discontinued spare part, click on the Discontinued Item Downloads link at left.
  4. If you need a manual for a discontinued vehicle, click on CARS & TRUCKS at top, then scroll down to Discontinued Models at left.

Can I download an Excel file of the product listings?

Yes you can. Here are the steps:

  1. Click on the Team Associated tab at top, then on PARTS & ACC.
  2. Look in the left column under Excel Data Exports. You have several choices.

How can I look up a part?

Here are the two easiest ways to find products:

  1. If you know what vehicle it belongs to, then click on CARS & TRUCKS, then click on the vehicle. (If it's a discontinued model, click on Discontinued Models at left, then on the vehicle name). Click on the Parts & Acc tab to locate your part.
  2. If you only know a part number or name, then simply type it into the Search box at the upper right corner of the site, and make sure "Parts" is selected in the radio button.

How much information is on your website?

In addition to providing you with a better experience when using our website, we have placed some great content.

  • 800+ PDFs of manuals, parts lists, exploded drawings, setups, and other information
  • 90+ wallpapers
  • 400+ News articles
  • 500+ dealers and tracks listed
  • 3000+ product detail pages
  • 3000+ product pages in our online store

Do you have a mailing list?

Yes. It's called the Team Associated Insider's Newsletter, and it is sent by email on Mondays. It features announcements, new product news, and race news. You can subscribe by clicking on the Insider's Newsletter link at top (icon is an envelope).

I think email's so old school. Is there another way to get Team Associated news?


Team Associated, Factory Team, Element RC:

Reedy Power:

Element RC:

I can't find setup sheets or manuals for my old model. What happened to them?

When you click on the Setup Sheets or Manuals links, the listing shows the current kits and RTRs we carry. To view the listing for discontinued kits and RTRs, click on the Team Associated tab, then select the vehicle from the discontinued vehicles drop down link in the left column. Then click on the Manuals & Setups link

I have a problem reading some PDFs. What can I do?

You might make sure you have the latest update of the Adobe Reader. Download it from here:

I clicked on a link on the site and a "Page Not Found" message came up. What happened?

As much as we searched for bad links, we missed some. Please let us know what you clicked on, as well as the URL of the page that has the link, and we'll fix it. Go to Support > Contact Us, and use the Webmaster link. Give us the URL of the page you are on and the link you are clicking on.

Do I need JavaScript enabled to use your website?

For some pages, yes, such as viewing our videos and News headlines. Most pages are not affected with JS disabled.

Do cookies need to be enabled?

Yes. The server on which our site runs uses a temporary cookie in order to track your session from page to page. But this mode may result in loss of the session context if you navigate away from our site. The online store also tracks your sessions when you sign in.