APEX Scion Racing FR-S Brushless Ready-To-Run + Drift

APEX Scion Racing FR-S Brushless Ready-To-Run + Drift

The Scion Racing GReddy Powered FR-S is poised to smoke the competition!

The APEX Scion FR-S is the newest addition from Team Associated's Qualifier Series. Built on the all-wheel-drive APEX chassis, the Scion Racing GReddy FR-S replica comes fully assembled and Ready-to-Run with factory-installed Reedy brushless power, including a Reedy WolfPack 6-cell battery wired with a High Current T-Plug.

Additional features include the water-resistant speed control and XP 2.4GHz radio system. The front and rear sealed metal gear differentials are connected together with a tough aluminum drive shaft that handles all of the Reedy brushless power. Imperfections in the road are managed by four adjustable fluid-filled, coil-over tuned shocks.

The high-grip treaded racing tires are mounted on scale replica 10-spoke hex drive wheels featuring detailed brake rotors and calipers. Topping it all off is the factory-finished Scion Racing FR-S Rocket Bunny Aero Kit body that replicates every detail of the car driven and raced by Ken Gushi!

This vehicle needs extra parts to make it operational. Click on the SPECS tab above to see what extra equipment you may need to make the vehicle operational, such as transmitter batteries.

APEX Scion Racing FR-S GReddy Drift version!
Brushless Powered All-Wheel-Drive Ready-To-Run
Black wheels come standard. Orange wheels are available separately.

The APEX Scion FR-S Drift version features hard plastic drift-style tires that let you slide and back it in through the corners just like Ken Gushi does!

Both of our APEX Scion FR-S models (Drift and original) come equipped with the same great Reedy and XP running gear, leaving you with only one choice -- do you want to grip or drift?

Either way, we have you covered with our Super Drift wheels and tires that are available separately!

Comparison Chart

Model VersionElectronics Included
Part #NameMotorRadio, Servo,
ESC, Receiver
#30113Apex Scion Racing FR-S RTRbrushlessincludedChargerNiMH
#30113CApex Scion Racing FR-S RTR Brushless LiPo CombobrushlessincludedCompact Balance ChargerLiPo
#30113DApex Scion Racing FR-S Drift Version RTRbrushlessincludedChargerNiMH
#30113DCApex Scion Racing FR-S Drift Version RTR Brushless LiPo CombobrushlessincludedCompact Balance ChargerLiPo

Magazine Review
The SC500 offers programming capabilities above and beyond most RTR ESCs. The electronics package as a whole is second to none in the realm of RTRs. If you've got the need for speed and you want to look good while tearing up the parking lot, take a good long look at the APEX FS-R from Team Associated. It takes all the build time, compiling of components and programming out of the equation and offers up a potent combo for friendly racing and drift excursions alike. --RC Driver, December 2014



  • Fully assembled Ready-To-Run all-wheel-drive chassis that accepts NiMH or LiPo type batteries
  • Scion Racing FR-S Rocket Bunny replica body
  • 10-spoke wheels come mounted with high-grip racing tires (hard plastic drift-style tires in Drift version) and feature detailed brake components
  • Powerful Reedy 3300kV 540 brushless motor
  • Water-resistant brushless speed control with High Current T-plug Connector (2S-3S LiPo compatible)
  • XP 2.4Ghz radio system with XP metal-gear steering servo
  • Reedy WolfPack 6-cell NiMH battery with High Current T-plug Connector and AC peak detection wall charger included
  • Adjustable fluid-filled, coil-over tuned shock absorbers
  • All-metal gear transmission with sealed differentials
  • Steel CVA drive axles front and rear
  • Metric hardware and ball bearings throughout