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RC10SC6.2 Team Kit
Part #: 70008
The RC10SC6.2 Team Kit began life with the many great advantages already learned through the development of the RC10B6.2 and RC10T6.2. The engineers behind the doors of Team Associated's Area 51 incorporated the updates racers like you asked for and included more tuning option parts in the box.

RC10SC6.1 Team Kit
Part #: 70007
The RC10SC6.1 shares key components with the RC10B6.1, RC10B6.1D, and RC10T6.1 Team Kits, making it easier than ever to run multiple classes at the same time.

Pro4 SC10 RTR
Part #: 20530 / 20530C
Team Associated's Pro4 SC10 features some major upgrades not normally found in RTRs.

ProSC10 AETeam RTR
Part #: 70016 / 70016C
Team Associated's ProSC10 features some major upgrades not normally found in RTRs.

SC28 Ready-to-Run Lucas Oil Edition
Part #: 20150
Wrapped in Carl's signature Lucas Oil race scheme!

SC28 FOX Factory Truck
Part #: 20157
The included 2.4GHz transmitter allows complete control, enabling you to navigate around, through, and over obstacles with ease!

CR12 Tioga Trail Truck RTR
Part #: 40005 / 40006
This 4x4 rig comes Ready-To-Run with Reedy Power electronics and meets S.O.R.R.C.A. class 1 and 2 rules right out of the box.

RC8T3.2 Nitro Team Kit
Part #: 80943
The RC8 platform was born with the Team Associated "Champions by Design" heritage, and we designed the RC8T3.2 to continue dominating the competition!

RC8T3.2e Team Kit
Part #: 80944
One of the most popular racing segments continues to be electric 1:8 off-road. The next top challenger is the RC8T3.2e! The latest evolution of Team Associated's 1:8 electric truck is born with race winning heritage in its DNA.

Trophy Rat Ready-To-Run
Part #: 70019 / 70019C
Team Associated's Ready-To-Run 1:10 replica of Northrup Fabrication's Trophy Rat is wrapped around the chassis and engineering of the 9-time R.O.A.R. Short Course National Championship-winning truck.

RC10T6.2 Team Kit
Part #: 70003
The RC10T6.2 has new features such as an integrated fan mount, highly adjustable rear hub assembly, and the speed, durability, and lineage expected of a true champion.

CR28 Ready-To-Run
Part #: 20159
Team Associated's CR28 1:28 scale electric 2WD RTR Trail Truck may be small in size, but it's packed full of features and ready for adventure right out of the box. The CR28 is a no-nonsense pint-sized crawler that looks great and drives smooth thanks to a powerful electric motor and capable drivetrain.

Part #: 20158
The TR28 is a no-nonsense pint-sized Truggy that looks great and drives smooth thanks to a powerful electric motor and capable drivetrain.

Part #: 20516 / 20516C
The RIVAL MT10 is a powerful, purposeful, and built-to-last 1:10 scale monster truck capable of running on 3s LiPo battery.

MT28 Ready-To-Run
Part #: 20155
Small in scale but monstrously fun, Team Associated's MT28 1:28 scale electric RTR Monster Truck is here!

SR10 Dirt Oval RTR
Part #: 70030 / 70030C
Street Stock Dirt Oval Racing - All the dirt, clay and pavement-racing excitement in a 1:10 scale RTR.

RC8B3.2e Team Kit
Part #: 80940
The designers of Team Associated Area 51 Design Works have overhauled the RC8B3.2e Team Kit with the latest upgrades proven from the RC8B3.2e.

RC8B3.2 Team Kit
Part #: 80939
The engineers of Area 51 Design Works focused on key components that improved durability, accelerated maintenance, and expanded upon its race-winning heritage within the RC8B3 platform.

RC10B74.1 Team Kit
Part #: 90027
The B74.1 is the buggy of choice for high-grip carpet or turf track surfaces with its next-generation Octalock 2-Pad high-load, high-capacity, center slipper clutch and optimized carpet kit setup.

RC10B74.1D Team Kit
Part #: 90028
The B74.1D is the buggy to choose for clay and dirt track surfaces with an included center differential with 200,000 CST silicone fluid and an optimized dirt kit setup.

RB10 Ready-To-Run
Part #: 90031 / 90032 / 90031C / 90032C
The RB10 will perform on most surfaces you throw it at, from asphalt to dirt as well as any prepared track surfaces. This buggy makes for a great basher and a good platform to try your skills out on the track.

RC10B6.3D Team Kit
Part #: 90030
The B6.3D includes the Octalock spur gear with 19mm Octalock LCF pads and new 2mm thick machined pistons for an optimized dirt kit setup.

RC10B6.3 Team Kit
Part #: 90029
The B6 platform introduced the use of two separate chassis configurations -- and the B6.3 continues this theme.

RC10B6.2D Team Kit
Part #: 90024
The B6.2D includes both Layback and Laydown transmission assemblies to fine tune mass balance to track conditions

RC10B6.2 Team Kit
Part #: 90023
The B6 platform introduced the use of two separate chassis configurations -- the B6.2 continues this theme.

RC10B6 Builders Support
Part #: 90033
The RC10B6 Builders Support Kit brings Team Associated race-winning technology to builders assembling dirt oval sprint cars, late models, and custom drag cars.

Reflex 14T Ready-To-Run
Part #: 20176 / 20176C
Team Associated's 1:14 scale REFLEX 14T 4WD electric truggy comes out of the box already assembled.

Reflex 14B Ready-To-Run
Part #: 20175 / 20175C
Team Associated's 1:14 scale REFLEX 14B 4WD electric buggy comes out of the box already assembled

NanoSport Ready-To-Run
Part #: 20170
Challengers strategically battle for possession of the ball or puck, while aggressively bashing and smashing into their opponent's cars.

DR10 Drag Race Car RTR
Part #: 70025 / 70025C / 70026 / 70026C / 70028 / 70028C
Street Racing -- An unsanctioned form of auto racing which occurs on public roads. Racing in the streets is centuries old and started well before the automobile, but auto racing started the moment the second vehicle was created!

DR10 Team Kit
Part #: 70027
The DR10 Drag Race Car Team Kit is based on the 9-time R.O.A.R. Short Course National Championship winning trucks.

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