ProLite 4x4 Ready-To-Run

ProLite 4x4 Ready-To-Run

The Qualifier Series is Team Associated's exciting new line of sport-level products that are designed to be FUN above all else, yet are lower cost, easy to use, durable, and provide an easy way to get into the RC hobby. When great looks and high performance are combined with quality features and value pricing, it becomes the ultimate sport product. When all this is offered from a company like Team Associated, it's nothing short of awesome.

The ProLite 4x4 is the first release from the Qualifier Series. It's a fully assembled, Ready-to-Run, Reedy brushless-powered 4WD short-course truck that even includes a Reedy WolfPack 7-cell battery wired with a T-Plug Connector.

Additional features include the XP water-resistant speed control and XP 2.4GHz radio system. The front and rear sealed gear differentials are connected together with a tough aluminum drive shaft, and an adjustable center slipper clutch handles all of the Reedy brushless power. The bumps are managed by four fluid-filled, adjustable, coil-over shocks and aggressive, short-course racing tires mounted on KMC(TM)-style hex drive wheels. And it's all topped off with your choice of two custom digital-camo detailed bodies.

Magazine Reviews
If you were looking to enter the world of offoad racing, you wouldn't immediately jump into a Pro-4 truck and take off toward the tabletops of Lake Elsinore Raceway; you'd start with a smaller Trophy Kart and work your way up. The RC world is the same way; there's no better way to start off your RC career than with a tough, fast, sporty truck like Team Associated's ProLite 4x4, which provides the solid platform on which to build familiarity with the hobby while preparing you for the thrills of racing fender-to-fender against your toughest competition - even if it's just in the backyard.
--Radio Control Car Action, March 2013

Even more impressive than its closed-course capabilities is how much fun it is to blast around native terrain, mating aggressive acceleration and predictable handling to create an overall package that is fun to drive and leaves you wanting more. Every time I drove the ProLite 4x4, I found new characteristics of its performance that I enjoyed, like its quick steering and stable jumping stature. But its intended audience will instead be focused on what really matters: durability, user-friendliness, and fun. The ProLite 4x4 does a fantastic job of combining all of these adjectives. For an aspiring new hobbyist, this truck is truly the total package.--Radio Control Short Course, Spring 2013

Team Associated is a leader in a number of competition segments and now it appears they are going after the entry-level fun crowd too. If the ProLite 4x4 is any indication how their Qualifier Series is going, it appears like it will have a successful future. The truck delivered on the ease-of-use and fun factor aspects. It's fast and is pretty impressive launching off of big jumps. There's no doubt AE will sell a lot of these to fun seekers.--Radio Control Car Action, April 2013

2013 Editors' Choice Truck of the Year! An ideal Truck of the Year winner is fast, tough, fun, and of a good value. Usually we have to settle for three out of four, as vehicles that are fast, tough, and fun also tend to be expensive. Not so with the ProLite 4x4. --Radio Control Car Action, Sept. 2013


  • Fully assembled Ready-To-Run shaft drive 4WD short-course truck
  • Reedy 550-SL 3500kV Brushless motor
  • Reedy WolfPack 8.4V NiMH Battery with T-plug Connector
  • XP 2.4GHz radio system with XP metal-gear servo and enclosed receiver box
  • XP water-resistant LiPo-compatible electronic speed controller with T-plug Connector
  • 12mm hex drive KMC(TM) replica wheels front and rear with aggressive short-course racing tires
  • Front CVAs and rear dogbones
  • Heavy-duty front and rear gear differentials
  • Durable 32-pitch spur gear with center slipper clutch
  • Adjustable steel turnbuckles
  • Fluid-filled shocks
  • Composite modular chassis
  • Rugged front and rear bumpers
  • Painted and decaled short-course body
  • All metric hardware and ball bearings throughout