RC10 Worlds Car

from the 1994 instruction manual:

Your new RC10 World's Car includes all of the newly designed parts our Team has been using that have helped us win four of the five 1:10 Off Road World Championships ever held. We feel there is no better car available.

As great as the existing Team Car has been, we know we have to continually work at improving our car so we can stay ahead of our competition. This car will show you that we have been busy working on a number of important upgrades. While the new car looks similar to the old car, there are many new changes. The new car starts with a black, hard anodized aluminum chassis made from a new material which is stronger than our original chassis, and it comes with the bottom of the chassis already milled out like our Team uses.


  • Graphite front and rear shock struts
  • New, stronger, suspension arms
  • New rear bulkhead with new adjustment points
  • Fiberglass battery strap
  • Graphite transmission brace
  • New yellow wheels (3-piece fronts with aluminum screws and one-piece 2.175" rears) which come with Pro-Line XTR compound tires with foam inserts
  • RC Performance Specialties Turbo Mirage polycarbonate body
  • New bushing bellcrank steering
  • Silicone shock oil
  • 1.02" rear shock shafts and suspension travel limiters for front and rear shocks
  • The car also comes with our Championship-winning transmission
  • Hard anodized PTFE sealed shocks
  • PTFE shock pistons
  • Aluminum inline front axles
  • 30 degree caster blocks
  • Universal dogbone rear axles
  • And more!