RC10B4 SE Ready-To-Run

The RC10 B4 buggy has already made history, first by winning the ROAR 2WD Offroad National Championship, next by being voted R/C Car Action's "Car of the Year" and finally by winning the IFMAR 2WD Offroad World Championship. Now, Team Associated brings a higher level of electric offroad performance to the Ready-to-Run market with the B4 "Special Edition" Ready-to-Run.

The B4 RTR is a fully assembled buggy that shares 95% of the same American-made parts as the popular Team Kit. The Special Edition B4 RTR features the addition of a more powerful 15-turn motor, the latest LRP Ai Automatic-setup digital speed control, and the upgraded AE by Airtronics radio system.

Team Associated's B4 is the latest World Champion in the winning history of RC10 buggies. The B4 SE is the only electric RTR buggy with this race-proven heritage.