RC10T2 Racing Truck Kit

From the printed instruction manual, 1995:

Congratulations on your new RC10T2 truck kit purchase. We would like to tell you a little bit about your new truck and its history. Team Associated developed the first version of the RC10T in 1990. This was the first production truck to be designed from the ground up to be a truck. Before the RC10T, trucks were merely modified buggies with truck parts added. Since the original version, there were two additional models of the RC10T, the #7011 Sport Truck kit and the #7035 Team Truck kit, our race truck version.

With the RC10T2 we have moved trucks to the next level of performance. Associated has known for years about the advantages of an aluminum chassis. Starting from the computer-designed 2024 aluminum hard-anodized chassis provided us with improved front-to-rear rigidity, tortional rigidity, chassis side clearance, and reduced weight, but still provided you with a low center of gravity. The hard-anodized finish improves its durability. This consists of the rear bulkhead, shock strut, transmission case, motor plate and guard. When all of this is assembled, you have one of the most rigid main chassis structures available on any RC truck today. This overall improved stiffness is one of the more obvious refinements.

Part of the improved rear structure includes the new 2.60:1 laydown Stealth(TM) transmission. It features a larger diff for increased torque capacity and reduced maintenance. It will also allow you to run even higher rpm modified motors without the normal gearing problems. This will give you the improved quickness and top speed you need to dominate your competition. But the design changes do not end here. The new transmission also has a new two-piece motor plate and motor guard assembly. At the same time you will find a new, lighter rear bulkhead and rear shock strut which interlock with the transmission case.

You will find our latest suspension and steering geometry changes give you a more aggressive yet easier handling truck with improved traction and rough-track performance. The ease with which your new truck handles benefits both the new and experienced driver. You will find an improved battery mounting system designed for both 6- or 7-cell battery packs. It can handle matched packs or stick packs and is designed to let you use either plugs or hard-wire solder connections.

In the rear you will find a new, Associated-designed, universal dogbone axle that is stronger and lighter and made to closer tolerances. To put the power to the ground we have included some of the same tires we race with: the Pro-Line XTR Compound Edge front tires and Mini Pin rear tires (with front and rear foam inserts) for improved steering and traction. And to cover all of these new race enhancements, we have a new racing truck body with a low center-of-gravity design. You still get our race-proven hard-anodized PTFE-coated shocks and PTFE shock pistons, Associated Torque control transmission clutch, and one-piece racing wheels.

#7012 RC10T2 Sport Truck Kit
#7035 RC10T2 Team Truck Kit
#7036 RC10T2 Racing Truck Kit

Following are the features of the #7036 T2 Racing Truck.


  • Rear bulkhead. Bulkhead, transmission and rear shock tower are integral parts of rear chassis structure. Bulkhaed is made of stronger, lighter, composite material.
  • T2 Transmission. A new 2.6:1 reduction Stealth(TM) design transmission with Associated Torque Control. Larger diameter differential increaeses torque capacity and time between rebuilds. Laydown design keeps center of gravity low.
  • Wheels. Lightweight one-piece racing wheels in fluorescent yellow.
  • Universal drive shafts. New, computer-designed, universal drive shafts are stronger and lighter, made form high-grade steel to tighter tolerances.
  • Suspension arms, front and rear. Strong, lighter, improved geometry made in composite material.
  • Battery holding system. Allows use of 6- or 7-cell packs, as well as stick packs. Can be used with plugs or hard wiring.
  • Front suspension geometry. Improved for more positive steering, yet maintaining comfortable driving feeling.
  • Tires. Pro-Line XTR compound Edge front and Mini Pin rear tires, both with foam inserts, keep the new RC10T2 glued to the ground.
  • Rear suspension geometry. Improved for better rough track handling and increased forward traction.
  • Steering servo mounting. Steering servo is fastened to chassis via new lightweight mounting component.
  • Chassis. Stronger, lighter, stiffer, aircraft-grade aluminum tub chassis. Undersides of chassis are angled up for more roll clearance. This feature improved cornering performance, especially through rough sections, while still maintaining the absolute lowest center of gravity.
  • Truck body. New, sleek, racing truck body. Designed to fit like a glove over the new suspension components and keep the CG as low as possible.