RC12L3 Kit

Team Associated's RC12 series onroad cars have been the dominant 1:12 scale cars in national and international competitions over the past 20 years, winning seven IFMAR World Championships and numerous ROAR Nationals. Now Team Associated introduces the RC12L3.

Built by Racers for Racers. We heard you. With input from IFMAR World Champion Masami Hirosaka, Jon Orr, and Phil Davies, Chief Designer Cliff Lett took the IFMAR World Championship RC12LC and made refinements only a racer could love.

Associated's new VCS Micro Shock with its Volume Compensating System results in the smoothest, most consistent dampening ever. It became an instant hit even before it's introduction in the RC10L3 Oval. Optional springs are available for more tuning possibilities.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. You said you loved the race-proven front suspension with its fully adjustable caster, camber, toe-in/out. Associated's Dynamic Strut Front End is still the easiest-to-use front suspension on the market and we've kept it that way. You loved the strong, carbon-fiber composite chassis, but wanted it lighter. The new chassis design is lighter, yet still strong in all the right places.

With a not to the world's best racing tires, the RC12L3's new, more secure, 3-bolt hub design complements Jaco's 3-bolt tire/wheel combo nicely, front and rear.

You wanted it race-ready, NOW. How about lightweight aluminum screws! Included. Titanium turnbuckles? Standard. And don't forget about our Factory Team graphite-through axle.

We didn't forget the cool factor. Our Factory Team blue aluminum screws, blue ball ends and blue titanium turnbuckles will turn the competition green with envy. At no extra green for you -- despite all the upgrades, the kit price has not increased. Optional blue shock body, blue hubs, blue motor bulkhead and more make sure you're all dressed up and ready to go.