Rival Monster Truck Brushless Ready-To-Run

Rival Monster Truck Brushless Ready-To-Run

Team Associated is proud to bring to you the Rival Monster Truck -- ready to crush the competition!

Turn your backyard into your own car-crunching, ramp-flying, monster truck arena!

Team Associated is proud to bring to you the Rival Monster Truck - a Ready-To-Run brushless-powered, 4WD monster truck in the Qualifier Series! The Rival comes ready to crush the competition with many high-performance features, including the XP 2.4GHz radio system, a Reedy brushless power system, and two 7-cell 8.4 volt Reedy WolfPack batteries wired with T-plug Connectors.

The Rival Monster Truck features a super long travel independent suspension that is managed by eight fluid-filled, adjustable coil-over shocks, giving the Rival the ability to roll over just about anything in its path. Giant aggressive monster truck tires provide maximum traction, letting the Rival claw through the toughest terrain with ease. The 4WD drivetrain includes three sealed gear differentials that transfer the power with tough steel CVA drive shafts to both ends of the truck.
This vehicle needs extra parts to make it operational. Click on the SPECS tab above to see what extra equipment you may need to make the vehicle operational, such as batteries.

Magazine Review
My experience with Team Associated's Rival monster truck was indicative of what every budding RC'er hopes to achieve every time he presses "Start" on his charger -- an ear-to-ear grin while giggling at the guilty fun of punishing a worthy vehicle through a jaunt that no full-size machine (or human) would survive. I got a kick out of driving the Monster GT when it debuted years ago, but in every aspect -- from ease of use to sheer fun factor -- the Rival exceeds its predecessor in every way. --Radio Control Car Action, Nov. 2013

When you hear the Team Associated Rival rumbling towards a jump, the hair on your arms stands up on end and when the truck launches in the air, you start to shake with adrenaline. The Rival is a blast for backyard play and is backed up with excellent durability. I crashed this truck, launched this truck, and blew donuts; it's purely a fun machine that delivers. Team Associated, this is the second Qualifier Series vehicle that I've reviewed and it will stay in my personal stable rather than being passed along to a friend; keep it up! --RC Driver, Sept. 2013


  • XP SC1300-DB brushless electronic speed control with dual T-plug Connectors: features independent battery voltage sensing for optimum battery performance (two 2S, 7.4V LiPo maximum)
  • Reedy 1515-SL 2000kV brushless motor
  • XP 2.4GHz radio system, high torque DS1510MG metal gear servo, and water-resistant receiver box
  • 2 Reedy 7-cell/8.4V NiMH WolfPack batteries with T-plug Connectors included
  • Factory-finished RIVAL monster truck style body
  • 3-gear differential drivetrain including a center differential for superior traction and performance
  • Big aggressive monster truck tires with bead-lock style wheels that use 1:8 scale type 17mm wheel hexes and locking wheel nuts
  • Ultra-rigid aluminum monster truck chassis
  • 8 adjustable fluid-filled shock absorbers
  • Durable, impact-absorbing bumpers front and rear
  • Tough 4mm steel wire roll bar protects the body and chassis during roll-overs and tumbles
  • Battery tray holds two 6- or 7-cell NiCd/NiMH or two 2S LiPo battery packs
  • 5mm heavy-duty adjustable alloy steel turnbuckles