SC18 Ready-To-Run

SC18 Ready-To-Run

Now you can enjoy Team Associated's world-class performance with true scale authenticity in a 1:18 scale electric truck! Team Associated is proud to bring to you the SC18, a 1:18 scale RTR (Ready-To-Run) electric 4WD off-road short course race truck.

The SC18 features a newly designed chassis with a fully enclosed, 2-belt drive train system that is capable of handling the extreme amount of power that today's brushless motors and LiPo batteries can dish out. Along with durability, the drive train is sealed to help keep rocks and dirt away from the gears and pulleys.

The SC18 comes fully assembled with a painted and decaled short course race-truck body, AMT™ Forged style wheels, aggressive tread multi-terrain tires, all designed to look just like the full-size race trucks that run in short-course off-road series around the country, and a totally new XP3-SS 2.4 GHz 3-Channel radio system.

The world of high-performance 1:18 scale electric RC has never before seen this level of scale accuracy! At first glance it's easy to see that the SC18 is another champion by design!

Magazine Review
The SC18 is more stable and easier to drive than any other 1/18-scale vehicle I've driven. With the stock battery pack, the truck squirted from corner to corner with plenty of zip. I was able to drive for about 20 minutes on each battery pack, which was a really long time, considering the level of concentration it took to keep the truck from flying outside the track. I must have crashed 100 times, and the durable SC18 made it through every time unscathed. The SC18 was very reactive, yet predictable, as it handled well. Rest assured, the new belt drivetrain will handle as much power as you throw at it, and with the bumpers and oversize short course body, the SC18 is one tough nut to crack.
--Radio Control Car Action, January 2010
Performance was always AE's calling card, and it shows in their latest mini-short course ride. For its diminutive size, the SC18 has some relatively beefy front and rear gear differentials. Though no powerhouse by itself, the kit-included motor got the SC18 going from a standstill to good top speed. The 4WD allowed the truck to launch straight, even if the surface had uneven traction. Top speed was more than satisfactory; however if you are looking for "holy crap-level" speeds, you'll need to go brushless. This truck's small size allows for running in tight confines, while the chassis setup and included electronics do well in providing the truck with good handling and power. If you dig the short course scene but don't have a lot of space, the SC18 is a good choice for your needs!
--Xtreme RC Cars, June 2010
Team Associated's RC18 line is very popular and holds many championship titles. After just one pack behind the wheel of the SC18, I could tell that this new platform has many championship titles to come. The new drivetrain's acceleration and durability are excellent, and the handling is smooth and nimble on flat surfaces. Although many of AE's machines have a racing heritage, don't think you have to be a racer to run the SC18. It's a great all-around fun truck for anyone with any type of RC experience.
--RC Driver, June 2010

Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series


  • Realistic short-course racing truck 0.8mm (0.03”) polycarbonate body
  • AMT™ Forged style wheels with aggressive tread multi-terrain scale tires
  • Realistic bumpers and rubber AE logo mud flaps
  • Molded composite chassis with sealed drive train
  • XP3-SS 2.4 GHz 3-Channel radio system
  • Durable gear differentials with a 2.31:1 ratio gearbox
  • 2-belt drive system for ultimate durability, capable of handling most brushless/LiPo combos
  • Dual bellcrank steering for improved cornering performance
  • Newly designed servo saver for optimal straight-line tracking
  • Hinged battery strap for quick battery changes
  • Complete set of 15 steel shielded ball bearings
  • Vertical ball end adjustments with durable fixed length composite turnbuckles
  • Composite fluid-filled shock bodies with adjustable pre-load