TC6 Factory Team

TC6 Factory Team

The RC10TC6 Factory Team kit is the newest edition to the family and legacy of competitive, high performance 4WD touring cars by Team Associated. Designed to take full advantage of all the latest technological advances made in 1:10 scale electronics, the TC6 has been optimized to use all of the benefits offered by brushless motor systems and LiPo batteries. The engineers behind the doors of Area 51 have been hard at work developing the TC6 to blend the best qualities of high performance and adjustability without sacrificing durability or ease of maintenance.

The TC6 takes the same suspension components from the TC5R before it and adds many new features, making it even better. For improved weight distribution, the TC6 motor mount has been moved 13mm closer to the chassis center line and the spur gear has been lowered 5mm compared to the TC5. These changes result in a more centralized mass and lower center of gravity for the TC6 chassis. The servo mounting holes are slotted to not only accommodate different servos but also to optimize the position of the servo mass.

The TC6 includes the Factory Team VCS3 shock package that features hard-anodized threaded shock bodies with bottom-loaded seals. The VCS3 shocks are super smooth and have an increased stroke for more up-travel at the wheels, all adding up to more consistent overall traction.

An updated steering system with additional Ackermann options and an improved steering input rate gives the TC6 more consistent handling. Blue titanium turnbuckles come with new ballcup eyelets for easier access to the ball studs.
These are only a few of the many refinements that can be found in the RC10TC6 Factory Team kit - making it yet another Champion by Design!

RC Car Action Readers' Choice Award Winner, 2011 Electric On-Road!

Magazine Review
A very narrow chassis allows the car to roll in the corners without the chassis dragging against the track surface. This allows the TC6 to carry corner speed without scrubbing. Braking is controlled and very quick. The suspension on this car is excellent and the new suspension mounts make access much easier than in the past. It also allows you to change suspension mounting positions quickly and easily to alter roll center, anti-squat, anti-dive and track width. The drivetrain has been silky smooth and I've done nothing more than routine maintenance. The motor has been moved 13mm toward the center of the chassis which helps balance the car left to right when using LiPo bateries. The Team Associated TC6 not only meets our expectations but blows them away in every way possible.
--RC Driver, July 2011


  • Chassis optimized for LiPo batteries and brushless motors
  • Motor moved 13mm in toward the chassis center, and spur gear lowered 5mm from TC5
  • Servo mounting slots to ensure proper fit of multiple servos
  • Symmetrical bulkheads utilized throughout the TC6 chassis
  • Updated steering system featuring more Ackermann options for improved steering input rate, resulting in more consistent handling
  • VCS3 shock with hard-anodized threaded shock bodies that feature bottom-loaded seals and additional stroke for more up-travel at the wheels
  • Long upper camber link option for increased corner speed
  • Easy-access suspension arm mounting screws thread into bulkheads
  • Titanium turnbuckles with new ballcup eyelets for easy access to ball stud
  • Hard-anodized diff outdrives for low wear and long life
  • 20 precision ball bearings
  • Cross-compatibility with TC5 suspension components
  • Hardened steel CVAs with cross-pin retaining clips
  • Front and rear anti-roll bars included
  • Belt drive with adjustable differential heights and belt tension