RC10T6.2 Rear CVA Bones, 92.5mm

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RC10T6.2 Rear CVA Bones, 92.5mm

New from Team Associated are 92.5mm CVA Bones for the RC10T6.2. This new, longer length CVA bone allows for the use of RC10B6.3 Wide Arm Mounts C and D (#91882 and #91883) on T6.2 and SC6.2 trucks. The longer driveshaft and wider arm mount give the truck more grip and stability on all surfaces. We recommend running these 92.5mm CVA Bones with the RC10B6.3 Wide C and D Arm Mounts, 7.0mm Wheel Hexes, and +4mm eyelets for the optimum rear end setup. Check out RC10.com for the latest setups for your RC10T6.2!

Additional parts required for updated 92.5mm CVA setup:
#91882 RC10B6.3 Arm Mount C, wide, aluminum
#91883 RC10B6.3 Arm Mount D, wide, aluminum
#91610 FT Clamping Wheel Hexes, 7.0 mm offset
#91885 RC10B6.3 Servo Mount Brace, Tower Covers, Wire Clips, Rod Ends


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