Gear Diff Rebuild

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Part # 91463
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Gear Diff Rebuild

#91463 contains:
qty 2 Cross Pins, 3mm x 23mm
qty 2 O-Rings, Silicone, 4.7x1.42mm
qty 2 O-Rings, Silicone, 3.6x0.7mm
qty 4 SC10 4WD Differential Shims
qty 4 Shims, 5x9.5x0.17mm
qty 2 Diff Sun Gears
qty 2 Diff Planet Gears
qty 1 Gear Diff Gasket
qty 2 Pins, 2x9mm

You will need part number #31350 M2.5 x 10 FHCS screws to attach the cover to the gear diff housing.


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