B64 FT Graphite Adjustable Bellcrank Input Arm

Part # 92006
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B64 FT Graphite Adjustable Bellcrank Input Arm

This item is discontinued. Perhaps this alternate item will work for you: #92005.

Use this Adjustable Bellcrank Input Arm to add more steering options to your RC10B64 and B64D.

Moving the ball stud into different hole locations allows the driver to adjust the rate of the steering rack: Forward hole has the quickest, most responsive steering feel. Middle hole is stock ball stud location. Rear hole will be less responsive, giving the numbest feel, by slowing down the steering rack rate.


  • Made of high quality graphite laminate
  • Direct replacement for the #92005 Bellcrank Input Arm
  • Adds more steering tuning options
  • Fits the RC10B64 and B64D models


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